At InZert 3D, we strongly believe that a digital transformation is only possible if you fully focus on 3D technology. We can supply premium 3D scans of people or products for various online and offline applications.

For people we have our own mobile full body 3D scanner with which we are regularly booked in at events at home and abroad. With this we make 3D printed figurines or bobbleheads as a promotional gift, or we deliver a digital 3D avatar with or without animation.

We develop immersive 3D applications (AR / VR / online) and these are custom built for your marketing campaign or event. In addition, we sell and rent out 3D hologram installations and provide the associated construction and 3D visualisations for small or large projects.

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We have a strong knowledge in full color 3D printing and can deliver top quality 3D prints with incredibly sharp resolution and even transparent materials!

Examples are 3D models of buildings or machines, 3D prototypes of products or 3D printed figurines of people.

Last but not least, we provide strong immersive experiences through our Virtual Events, bringing the world together in an immersive virtual platform with lifelike 3D avatars from all visitors and speakers!

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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