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Wedding planning software makes organising your wedding easier than ever. With our powerful planning tools you spend less time and you have a better overview. Are you organising your wedding party yourself or are you a wedding planner? In both cases you rely on our user-friendly wedding software. A quick peak into what the planning tools have to offer? Our short introduction video will explain it clearly.

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We'll be adding even more features and tools to our suit of event planning software. So be sure to share your feedback and your suggestions. So we can serve you even better in the near future!

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If you are going to organise your wedding day yourself, you will have hundreds of urgent and important things on your to-do list at the start of your planning. How do you keep the overview? How do you make sure you don't forget anything, not a single detail? Are you going to organise your wedding party yourself? Then you can probably use a lot of ideas and tips. is here to help. Create a mood board, checklist, budget and call sheet for the most beautiful day of your life. Select a beautiful wedding venue, a DJ and a wedding photographer. They should not be left out. Even if you work with a wedding planner, our software will help you share your mood board, monitor your budget live, ...


Are you a wedding & event planner who turns a couple's special day into a flawless event? Then hiring your service has a cost. It makes sense that your customers expect seamless service, creative ideas and an exceptional most beautiful day from their wedding planner, so that they and all guests can enjoy the day of their lives carefree.


A wedding party means the most original ideas anyway, a unique wedding venue, an unrivalled wedding dress, eye-catching bridal transport and an original wedding website. Organising a wedding is a complex affair. There are, very importantly, budgets, a guest list, a seating plan, a floor plan, invitations and thank yous, a playbook, tasks and checklists and an avalanche of other tasks that need to be arranged months before the wedding. You have no time to lose! You need a time-saving tool that keeps the overview for you and, if you are a wedding planner, enables efficient collaboration with your customers and your team. After all, you choose which tools you share with the wedding couple, such as the budget or scenario. And preferably you have a real-time insight into what has already been planned, and what is still open as action points. Online wedding planning software contributes to this.

Wedding planning software is the solution

Not only to arrange the wedding from A to Z on the day itself, but also with all the preparations: wedding planning software is the best assistant for your wedding planning. If you organise your wedding yourself, you keep the overview, you are in charge. If you are a wedding planner, this specialised event management software will help you deal with the demands of several clients at the same time. This way you keep all the balls in the air at the same time and no detail escapes your attention.

Benefits of automating your work through project management tools

Why should you use wedding planning software? We list some rational arguments.


For starters, you can work faster and more efficient. With a drag and drop you are much faster than having to create a new line in your old Excel file. Software works faster and does not make 'human errors'. You have much less incorrect data and can work more accurately. With wedding software you also have a better overview. Create a report in your head or a report in your wedding planner software, which do you prefer? Your reports and dashboards are automatically generated in software and this data is not available in days or hours, but in real time. This way you have immediate insight into your activities and actions and you can make faster and more accurate analyses.


If you like, we'll pre-fill your checklist with a to-do list that our experts have prepared for you. This way you can be sure that you will not lose sight of anything and that you will get started with all the tasks for your wedding day in good time. After all, our software automatically sends reminders. Do you prefer to create your own to-do list or want to customise ours? Everything is possible!


Another advantage: with (wedding) software you create one place where all the information is. It is a place where your team members (or friends who help you), and if you wish, also your suppliers, have access and you can view the same information together. As a wedding planner, you can also give access to your customers. Doesn't that sound like a dream, all your information streamlined for everyone? Because all your information is in one place, you don't have to retype data in other systems. This simply gives you more time to organise your wedding party in a really high-quality way or as an event professional you can show your real added value to your customers, whose expectations about their most beautiful day are high.

Choosing wedding planning software?

You are going to organise your wedding and you are convinced of the usefulness of wedding software tools? You are a wedding & event planner and you don't doubt the benefits of wedding planning tools? Then you start looking for software. But you don't have to search, because you have already found your wedding planning software.'s free event planning software has all the tools you need to plan unforgettable events, including your wedding day.

The event planning software from

Discover the core functionalities of our wedding planning software:

  • Create a mood board for your wedding party so that you and your partner can create a wish list of venues and suppliers and share it with each other or your wedding planner. Or vice versa, as a wedding planner you can prepare a selection for the couples whose wedding you are organising.

  • A checklist: this software provides an overview of all your to to-do's, and what's even better, even has a pre-filled template so you won't forget anything. What's more, through this event planning software you can assign tasks to people and you receive reminders so you won't forget something.

  • A call sheet: the script ensures that the best day of your life runs smoothly and everyone knows exactly what, where, and when to do things.

  • Budgets: our wedding planning software also includes a budget application, giving you a handy overview of your costs and keeping you within your budget.


Curious? Download our event planning software now also as an app on your iPhone via the App Store or on your Android phone.