How to organise a wedding?

How to organise a wedding?

Your wedding day must be the most beautiful day of your life. Nothing may go wrong and you want to prepare the party thoroughly down to the last detail. Where do you start? We are happy to help you on your way with this handy step-by-step plan or start using our free wedding planning software!

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Just a couple of questions:

Organise your wedding party yourself

Do you accept the challenge of organising the wedding of your dreams? If you have a limited budget or if you like organising your own wedding party, organising your wedding yourself is definitely an option. Follow the steps below!

With a wedding planner

Organising a wedding party takes a lot of time, so ask yourself if you can clear your schedule. If you opt for a carefree organisation, you should outsource the organisation to a professional wedding planner. A wedding planner can take a lot of work off your hands, but requires a little more budget.

Find the perfect wedding venue

Find the dream location for your wedding party at Or maybe you prefer to make a splashing garden party with a stylish tent?

Wedding catering

You don't haphazardly choose catering or a wedding caterer. With original food trucks, a spectacular wedding cake, ... you will certainly score with your guests!

Disc jockey or party band?

There is nothing quite as romantic as a band playing in the background at a garden party. During the evening party, you may choose a wedding party DJ that will start the evening with your opening dance or a cover band.

Decoration of your wedding party

Wedding decoration largely determines the appearance of your wedding party. Think of beautiful flowers and plants or styling according to a theme.

Guest list and invitations

Creating the guest list for your wedding is a time consuming job and you cannot afford to make mistakes. Forgetting an aunt or uncle is unforgivable. Ask family and friends for help when putting together the guest list. Calendars are overflowing. The invitation for your wedding must therefore arrive well on time. You can also choose to send a 'save the date' first.

In many cases, you will expect evening wear from your guests, but sometimes it is nice or appropriate to choose a more specific dress code.



Preparing a budget for your wedding party is an ongoing process. You systematically adjust the provisional budget when you receive offers or when you can make a more targeted estimate. This event budget checklist will also help you organise a wedding.

Photo and video

Do not forget to hire a wedding photographer and/or cameraman in time. You should pay attention to this when you hire a photographer

Free Event Planning Software

Think of all the tools you use when planning truly memorable events: mood boards, checklists, call sheets, ... Now imagine having all those tools in one convenient place!

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Find wedding suppliers and wedding venues

What should you pay attention to when organising a wedding party?

It is tempting to start organising your wedding right away, but it is wiser to do your homework thoroughly first. You only get one chance ...


For the practical organisation of your wedding party, the checklists and manual on this page will help you on your way!



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Find wedding venues and event suppliers

You can quickly find wedding venues and event suppliers via our search engine. Thanks to our reviews you also know immediately which event location or supplier best suits your wedding. Is your event over? Don't forget to write a review yourself.


Good luck with your wedding and congratulations on your engagement!

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Plan your wedding as a pro

Do you want nothing to go wrong at your wedding? Organise your wedding party like a real professional! You can read how to do this in the book EVENTS.

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