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Think of all the tools you use when planning truly memorable events: mood boards, checklists, call sheets, ... Now imagine having all those tools in one convenient place!

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Organise inspiration for your event in one place with Moodboards.

Come across a stunning venue, innovative supplier or interesting post with inspiring ideas on our platform? Pin them to Moodboards : the ideal tool for gathering, organising and sharing ideas with your co-organisers.

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Keep track of every important detail with ease thanks to Checklists.

Even the simplest events generate endless to do lists. Ours even come pre-filled with suggested items tailored to your type of event. Add, assign and update the status of tasks via simple drag and drop. Checklists is a fully fledged project management tool built especially for event planners and seamlessly integrated with our other tools and the platform.

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Easily manage all the action points for your event with Callsheets.

Building call sheets in Excel is a hassle. And while there are better options out there, not everyone has access. But with Callsheets, you can easily manage all the action points for your big event in a few clicks. Easily assign ownership and share it with the whole team, all 100% free of charge.

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And that's just the beginning

We'll be adding even more features and tools to our suit of event planning software. So be sure to share your feedback and your suggestions. So we can serve you even better in the near future!

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