Why choose laser show rental?

We take pride in putting on quality shows, which is why we work with our own full color laser systems that are custom built to our specifications, each with an individual Pangolin FB4 controller per laser.

This laser hardware is software controlled by the laser software Beyond ultimate from Pangolin.

They are the market leader in the field of safe and innovative laser software.

For example, our used lasers also contain extra optical elements that significantly improve the beam quality compared to standard devices.

Which ensure that the beams are uniform and tight and that you get a higher visibility, even over longer distances.

The color laser diodes have different beam profiles, these are also corrected in our devices so that red, green and blue have the same profile. This results in superior color mixing and therefore also the possibility of a beautiful white.

Different events require different setups, so we have lasers that are suitable for larger indoor shows, but also devices with a higher power for outdoor use.

Thanks to our extensive range, we are prepared for events large and small, from weddings to stages at festivals.

To guarantee a smooth workflow, we also have in-house built laser operating stations and signal distribution systems.

In addition, we also use an electrical emergency stop system, which is not mandatory in Europe and is therefore not used by many.

However, we believe that this extra step improves the safety of our shows and therefore also your event.

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Kevin Broeren

Nice and reliable party

We have called on the services of Lasershowrental for various (large) productions at home and abroad. Nice reliable people to work with and great knowledge of the business. With Lasershowrental you can be sure that your event will be a success!

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