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Van Ham Tenten & Podia bv

Van Ham Tenten & Podia bv
  • Hallenstraat 20, 5531 AB Bladel, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2019

Van Ham Tenten & Podia has been a leading company in the field of tents and podiums for more than 30 years.


You can find van Ham with the rental of tents, stages, planché and constructions for public, corporate or sports events, everywhere in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Safety and liability play an increasingly important role in events. When is a tent, podium or construction safe? What to do in severe weather? Van Ham Tents & Podia B.V. builds and rents out, tents, planché, special structures, indoor stages, outdoor stages, lifting towers, scaffolding, scaffolds, video chairs, temporary infrastructures and other scaffolding, complete with stage barriers, ballet floor, backdrops, ramps, etc. The Van Ham Tents & Podia tents include standard a construction book. All tents meet the strictest safety requirements. Including the EN-NEN 13782 the standard for construction safety of tents in Europe and the NEN 8020-41 the standard for (Fire) safety of tents.


In addition, all possible Layher structures and stages can be designed in-house, 3D drawn and visualized and, where necessary, provided with a calculation. All this to provide the customer with unique stages or constructions and perhaps more importantly, that it is predetermined that these objects are safe, so that the customer can leave the site in the evening with a safe feeling. In addition, Van Ham also advises on what to do with situations at high wind speeds, such as evacuation, completely closing tents and removing banners from scaffolding. It is also even possible to place a mobile weather station on your site which can be read online.


Thanks to years of experience, you are bringing in a company with Van Ham Tenten & Podia that takes care of you and your organization.

Van Ham Tents & Stages for more than 30 years. WITH HEART AND SAIL!

20 reviews on Van Ham Tenten & Podia bv - 9.8/10

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Gerry Frederickx
New|Lolands Festival Scherpenheuvel-België|

london ?? from Ham

In the meantime, we have been working with VH for the tents and stage at our festival for several years now.
And this is a very pleasant collaboration every year.

Everything neatly prepared. Clear communication. Pleasant people to work with.
A deal is a deal. No fuss.
Construction and dismantling are always a pleasure thanks to the super motivated Van Ham Crew

Thanks for this

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Pieter van Leest
New|Intents Festival|

Intents Festival

Van Ham Tenten & Podia has been a loyal partner of Intents Festival for 15 years. Thanks in part to the heroes of Van Ham Tenten & Podia, we as a festival have experienced significant growth in recent years. Every year they are involved in the production process very early in order to solve technical challenges at an early stage. Together with the Brabant DNA, it is the perfect party for us with which we want to realize beautiful projects for years to come.

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Willie Appeldoorn
New|Stg. Evenementen Alphen (|

Van Ham Tents and Stages

We have been working with this company for 20 years. It is a very reliable partner. They have the best materials. The employees think along with you and are very professional. It is a pleasure to work with them. In short, a top-class company

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Wil van der Kruys
New|Stichting Verbroederingsbal Cranendonck|

Brotherhood Ball Cranendonck.

Very nice party to work with.
We have grown positively in recent years, Van Ham Tenten & Podia has helped and guided us very well with the tents and stages.
Both in preparation and on location, it is a party that fulfills its agreements.
The drawings/plans that are supplied are clear and correct.
It is a party that has the motto "don't talk but polish". Agreements are well kept.
Also in the preparation, good ideas and proposals are made.
In short, a top party to work with.

Cranendonck's fraternization ball.

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Ruud Bruins
New|P79 bv|

High Trees Festival September 10 and 11, 2022

What a nice company to work with. Helpful in preparation and decisive when asked. The work was carried out as agreed and that is why there is a happy person here. Thank you

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Wim van Dijk
New|Oogenlust bv|

Pleasant cooperation

Van Ham Tenten & Podia is a very nice and reliable cooperation partner for us.

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Rik van der laak


Preparation is always good, drawings provided are clear and correct. Fast responses via email and / or telephone. At the agreed times on location. The only drawback is that price negotiations are sometimes difficult, events remains a difficult and risky industry.

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Sander Nijssen
New|Stichting JONG! Theater|

Thinking along & amp; Cooperating!

In the realization of our last two musical productions, Van Ham Tenten & Podia has been a particularly pleasant partner. From thinking along in the concept, designing the construction drawings to the actual construction and dismantling of the structural work of our decor. The employees are friendly, helpful and willing to work together to achieve the right result!

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Carlo van Mierlo

Boxfish Nostalgic Fair

For the second edition of Bokshaai Nostalgische Kermis, we have used a beautiful party tent from the Van Ham company again.
This time again a bit bigger and an even more beautiful stage than the previous edition, the cooperation in construction and dismantling also went entirely according to plan.
In two years' time we will be back to work for edition 3 of the fair, but it is certain that there will be a tent from the Van Ham company.

Kind regards,
Board of the Bokshaai Fair

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Annemarie Willems
New|Stichting Jeugdbelangen Reusel|

Thinking along and keeping agreements

As a foundation we have been using the tents of Van Ham Tenten & Podia for many years. The contact is pleasant and the agreements that are made are properly fulfilled. We think about the possibilities, the costs and what you actually need. They are also good at improvising when suddenly a solution has to be found. Nice to do business with.

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Fam. De Laat
New|All Finance|

Party tent Reusel

Van Ham Tenten has placed a tent for our garden party. Excellent guidance in the quotation phase and when placing and removing the tent. Good thinking along by Van Ham during the planning.
In short: absolutely recommended and we are very satisfied!

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Jeroen Gramsma

As it should

We have been working with van Ham for years. They are always ready to speak to you and provide advice when necessary. Quality of the tents is excellent, plus they look beautiful too. Staff are always very helpful and they also participate themselves instead of commanding from a distance. In short, great!

+ flexible
+ thinking along
+ delivery time is always as agreed

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Henry Piek
New|Stichting Festivate|

A deal is a deal

Van Ham Tenten & Podia bv has been our supplier for tents, stages and bar materials for two years now. No surprises afterwards, but just clear agreements that are kept. Neat communication and pleasant people. Particularly sharing knowledge and expertise makes us happy to work with them. They think in terms of opportunities and can advise us where necessary.

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Toon Verlinden
Expert|Sound of Science|

Helpful and think along with you.

We organized Sound of Science, a science event. For this we contacted Van Ham tents and stages and we had a large (650 persons), a small (200 persons) and more than twenty small 4x4m tents arrive. The prior contact with Van ham was smooth and quick and they were helpful on the phone. It also went smoothly on site: the Van Ham team were all friendly men who were open to questions and suggestions. They took into account the constraints of the site (don't drive too much on the grass, watch out for overhanging branches, ...), thought along and ensured that the tents were accurately set up. Hard workers who enjoy their profession. We'll be working with them again in a minute.

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Clasineke Groenendijk
New|Cvlo Fraternitas|

No tent without van Ham

At the 125th anniversary of a sports association contacted van Ham at an early stage. Without their expertise, there would not have been a festival tent. Flexible, cooperative and creative. Listening to the wishes of the customer and trying to meet them.
With many volunteers helped to build "our" tent. Everyone thought it was great fun and despite hard work, still relaxed.

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