Silverspoon Exclusive Catering

Silverspoon Exclusive Catering

Silverspoon Exclusive Catering
  • Boomsesteenweg 28, 2627 Schelle, Belgium

Silverspoon organizes your event with the greatest dedication! "Organizing a party that perfectly matches the character and appearance of the customer is the great challenge. And the ultimate intention of a Silverspoon party.

The secret of a wonderful party lies not in the budget, but in perfectly coordinating the location, theme, decoration, choice of materials and menu. Striving for a climax and the incorporation of surprise elements provide extra ambiance. "You can therefore count on a very personal and efficient service.

The vision can best be described as: contemporary, innovative, unique, finished to perfection ... The Silverspoon team creates high-quality dishes, with an eye for detail.

The biggest challenge for Silverspoon employees is not only to surprise your guests, but also you, with a beautiful and unforgettable party.

When you talk about Silverspoon, you think of catering of the highest level, where every detail counts. And the Silverspoon team is happy to assist you with this.

Silverspoon is therefore not a randomly chosen name.

A small work of art, a unique detail that fits every table, untouchable and lasting.

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