Yuha - RB Construct bv

Yuha - RB Construct bv

Yuha - RB Construct bv
  • Sint-Katelijnestraat 67, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Yuha is a young start-up company that focuses on new innovative toys. The instant creation of emotional interaction between the toys, children and adults. Both children and adults love it and cannot stay away from it, the smile that appears as soon as they see the animals is unparalleled!

With this new 'moving animals' concept, we have a fully-fledged alternative to make every event something special. Choose YUHA if you are looking for something innovative, cool and playful element for children and (young) adults. Experience and enjoy the atmosphere that these 'animals on wheels' create.

Choose from different models to frame your company party, open house or any other event in a fun and professional way. Or choose the animals as a decor piece when launching your product!

Do not hesitate and contact us to give your event, reception, party and brand presentation the swing you deserve! With our riding animals you are guaranteed to hit the bullseye and turn your event into the talk of the town!

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