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As innovative developer & worldwide supplier of the high-quality, modular system for the exhibit and event industry, Aluvision combines creative imagination with incomparable engineering and manufacturing expertise. The Aluvision frame system offers solutions for straight and curved walls, LED videowalls, hanging signs, displays & retail environments. Durability, reusability, precision, flexibility and modularity are the core features.


Each day, our team makes every effort to swiftly and adequately respond to our clients’ requests, to complete their orders to perfection, and to follow up on feedback – all this within agreed deadlines! Not only do we work with you, you can simply RELY on us for the successful completion of your project thanks to the expertise, dynamics and enthusiasm of our staff. With a solid base structure, everything else follows easily. This solid base structure, together with your creativity and a great eye for detail form the perfect ingredients for end customer satisfaction – our ultimate goal!


The strength of our products lies in their simplicity, precision and high quality. Thanks to a very sophisticated patented production process, we manufacture our frames with unprecedented precision. Especially in combination with integrated LED tiles, great precision is of utmost importance. Precision and quality have always been two core values of Aluvision.


At Aluvision, we are convinced that only ecological solutions are sustainable in the long term, which is why we have developed all our systems with durability and efficiency in mind. From the early stages of the design process onwards, we pay the utmost attention to aesthetic and functional design elements to help guarantee that Aluvision products provide the best long-term solution for you.

Let us help you discover true efficiency!

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René Verbruggen
Expert|Bridge Event Facilities bv|

Well thought-out products and excellent service

Top supplier who adds value to our business operations. Well thought out products and excellent service contribute to our mission to offer the very best for our customers' events; our pay of "show your best" is also in the genes of our supplier.

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