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The Box Company
  • Nijverheidssingel 315, 4811 ZW Breda, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2022

The Box Company provides original team building activities for large groups (50 to 2000). challenge, competition, excitement and fun are the basic values ​​of every experience. The products and services of the customer can be fully included in the subject of the Boxes. This means that it is possible to give our games your personal touch.

The Box Company provides unique team building activities that perfectly fit into your program. You can opt for a standard game, but also for tailor-made solutions. Our knowledge and experience make the difference between a fun day and a "day to remember"!

An example of our boxes is the Escape Room Experience:

The Escape Room is a global craze where a group of people have to Escape an area full of assignments, codes and obstacles in one hour. Many Escape Rooms limit themselves to ± 10 participants at the same time. Something that immediately eliminates larger companies. The Box Company has developed an Escape Room Experience for groups of 50 to 2000 participants! A nerve-racking game with several rounds and a very exciting final. The game can be played at any location; at your office, an event location or another location chosen by you.

The Box Company
We give paper a second outing..Uhh life??
03 May 2022

Did you know that we recycle printed matter that is not reusable into (note)books? This is done by people at a distance from the Greenside🌳 labor market. In this way, the printed matter that we have already printed on recycled paper even gets a third life! And then 'boss over boss'; the winners of an activity are sent a notebook ...

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Ruth Mulder

Plug & Play Experience is a must!

We did the Plug&Play Experience with two small teams. The aim was to discover patterns in approach and behavior in the team. and from there investigate what is helpful and what is not. And of course the form is fun, challenging, competition! But we certainly got a picture of how we function individually and as a group and that was the goal.

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Moniek Windesheim
New|Hogeschool Windesheim|

Nice way to work together optimally

We used the escape room for the Personal Leadership course at the Hogeschool, to work together optimally under time pressure. Students really appreciated this way of learning.

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Rik Knapen

It was a TOP night

We were looking for an anniversary-worthy activity for our volleyball club and came across The Box Company. From the first email, the contact was clear and pleasant. The evening itself was competitive between the 10 teams but at the same time a lot of fun. The teams with mostly 12+ year olds also thought it was a great activity.

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Josephine Havermans
New|Kalibra International BV|

Successful office day

How fast time went. And our 100 people were so excited. Amazing experience. Super fun to do. And nice people to work with from The Box company. Our advice, take the maximum time and then it is still too short😜

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Bob Grijpstra
New|Building Blocks|

Fun team building activity

We are very pleased with the plug and play experience. A fun interactive puzzle activity with a competitive edge. The puzzles are creatively devised and you can also see the scores of the other teams. Highly recommended! Next time it may be a little more difficult🤓

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Dervis Demirocak

Excellent ice-breaker session

We needed a game that can be completed in half an hour at max and allow as many different people as possible to interact within this half an hour. After considering different options, we decided to try Box company's new ice-breaker session. Game is very well designed and helped as get the job done without overwhelming anyone. Another benefit of this ice-breaker game is it requires people to move around which adds energy to the room instead of sitting down and talking. Additionally, Bert (founder/owner of the Box company) has been very helpful in answering our questions and accommodating small changes in the game in short notice. I highly recommend ice-breaker game to any small/large companies looking for quick games to warm up people.

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Gusta Jasper
New|DPG Media BV|

If you're in it you have to go through...!

What a fantastic online game it was, and you can also play it physically wherever you want! It has the excitement of an escape room, once you start you have to keep going! I played it with 25 teams at once. Highly recommended! I have divided the teams by giving everyone a number upon entry, so you ensure that all teams are mixed and get out of their own comfort zone. Beforehand I asked a number of people to bring their laptops.

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Niels van Alebeek

Start day for secondary school staff, introduction activities for students and open afternoons for group 8

This school year we made use of the fun and interactive activities of The Box Company. At the start of this school year, all employees played the Reconnect Experience game and did introductory activities. Our colleagues loved it. In this way they had the opportunity to get to know each other better in an interactive way. During the introduction days, the students played the Plug and Play Experience game. The students played the game in groups per class/year and the reactions were very positive. Also a super fun activity to do alone with your mentor class. Before the autumn holidays we organized three open afternoons for the students of group 8. The Box Company made an Escaperoom especially for these days in close consultation with us, which was in line with the new building and the educational content (in domains) at our school. This gave the pupils of group 8 and parents a good picture of our new school. The cooperation with our current students also went smoothly and pleasantly. Great that our current students were also empowered by this. The students of group 8 and parents thought it was a very nice way to get acquainted with our school and our education.

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Chantal Krouwel
New|Griffie Barendrecht|

Plug & Play Experience

We did the Plug&Play experience with 15 people and it was a great success! It is a very practical way to do something fun with your team. It is time and place independent; you plant t when it suits you best. The explanation is clear, the assignments diverse and in addition to the time aspect to complete the assignments, the mutual competition between the teams was hilarious at times. It is therefore recommended to sit together in a room! Definitely worth repeating and this experience really contributed to a good (team building) evening.

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Carina Cloete
New|Just Eat|

Excellent Fun! Great Service!

We included the gift box and team building exercise in our package and the service received from Marije was just excellent. She arranged for the boxes to be sent out on short notice and made sure all my questions were answered patiently and professionally. Our team who are based remotely in 13 different countries had an absolute blast playing the game and challenging themselves, it was really great to see a different side of everyone whilst playing this game and it truly made for a fun team building experience. Thanks for everything, I can surely recommend it.

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Rick Pels

Online Teambuilding Experience

Our company did the online teambuilding experience. Our team is located all over EMEA and APAC. The experience was great, all team members had a blast. You really need to work together to complete (tough) assignments but are very doable when you work together with your team.

I can recommend this experience to any global team!

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Hans van den Broeke
New|Gemeente Veere|

Christmas party 25 years Veere

We had a very nice afternoon (Christmas game). All those present enthusiastically and fanatically participated in this team building activity. There was everything in it, challenge between the groups, but also a lot of fun among each other. In short, a wonderful interpretation of this 'Christmas drink'.
Partly thanks to the perfect organization of the Box Company team, it was a very successful afternoon and evening for staff.
Thanks again for this!

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Emily Emily Spitsbaard

What an energy during the 'Christmas' escape box at Rijkswaterstaat

What a great game with so many different challenging assignments. With 2 enthusiastic game leaders and more than 85 people in groups of 6, the tension and fanaticism increased, there was fantastic cooperation and a lot of laughter. Highly recommended when it comes to team building and fun!

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Angélique Maas

Remote Team Building Experience Christmas special including the drink box Luxe.

Nice and fast communication in advance, personal note possible. Timely delivery of the drink box including all game necessities. This takes into account wishes and allergies. Fantastic and cozy Christmas game. Glad we chose The Box Company! Thank you Mary

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Janice Witte
New|BENU apotheek Vlissingen|

Plug and play with the pharmacy team

Played with the pharmacy team, everyone became very fanatical about it, games are very well put together. Is fun for everyone and good for working together within a team!

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