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The Box Company
  • Markendaalseweg 44, 4811KC Breda, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Excellence 2021

The Box Company provides original team building activities for large groups (50 to 2000). challenge, competition, excitement and fun are the basic values ​​of every experience. The products and services of the customer can be fully included in the subject of the Boxes. This means that it is possible to give our games your personal touch.

The Box Company provides unique team building activities that perfectly fit into your program. You can opt for a standard game, but also for tailor-made solutions. Our knowledge and experience make the difference between a fun day and a "day to remember"!

An example of our boxes is the Escape Room Experience:

The Escape Room is a global craze where a group of people have to Escape an area full of assignments, codes and obstacles in one hour. Many Escape Rooms limit themselves to ± 10 participants at the same time. Something that immediately eliminates larger companies. The Box Company has developed an Escape Room Experience for groups of 50 to 2000 participants! A nerve-racking game with several rounds and a very exciting final. The game can be played at any location; at your office, an event location or another location chosen by you.

The Box Company
We give paper a second outing..Uhh life??
03 May 2022

Did you know that we recycle printed matter that is not reusable into (note)books? This is done by people at a distance from the Greenside🌳 labor market. In this way, the printed matter that we have already printed on recycled paper even gets a third life! And then 'boss over boss'; the winners of an activity are sent a notebook ...

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188 reviews on The Box Company - 9.7/10

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Ingrid Janssen
New|Sportfondsen Nederland BV|


The communication before, during and after the event was superbly provided by The Box Company. Our managers did a lot of puzzling, laughing and fighting in an hour. Definitely recommended for everyone.

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Bianca Vergeest

Reconnect game is well put together!

Played the Reconnect Game live with about 100 colleagues and we were surprised about the well-thought-out but also difficult assignments. Very nice, enjoyed and thank you!

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Jill Vriens

Reconnecting Game

After almost 2 years of online events, we were finally able to meet the people of our department live again. To give it a nice, relaxed character, we ended the afternoon with the Reconnecting Game. About 175 colleagues worked fanatically in groups of 5/6 people with this very fun game, to which we also added a customization element with questions about our department. Only received enthusiastic reactions.
Thanks for the organization.

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Irma Rol

super satisfied

Very well organized and very versatile assignments,
We played the game with 80 people and we received only positive reactions from all sides.
So compliments for The Box Company

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Marianne Pot

What a battle!

We played the plug and play experience with our Management team. Clear communication in advance and items why present at the location well in advance. We entered the battle with 2 teams, clear explanations beforehand and a fierce battle for the win during the game. What increases the tension is that you can see the score of the other teams in the meantime. Definitely worth repeating!

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Brigitte Braz
New|Asics BV|

Plug and Play Experience

After not seeing the entire team " face to face" for more than 2 years, we closed our workshop with the Plug and Play Experience from the Box company.
What a fun experience! We are quite an analytical team and everyone really got into these brain games. The competition between the teams & the diversity of the games really energized everyone! I really recommend it!

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Eline Willemsen


Very much enjoyed the Plug & Play Experience. Within a day we received the packages and we could start playing. Marije was on standby if there were any questions and she arranged everything very well for us. We will definitely come back here!

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Renate Jonker

Great game and a great time

We've played the Plug and Play game at an off-site event with our team (25 people divided over 5 teams) and it was great fun and a little competitive because we played it in one big room so you could hear the progress of other teams. The games/puzzles require resourcefulness, trusting someone that an answer is right and finding the answers together. Would highly recommend!

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Danica Belic

Very fun and challenging game!

We used the Plug and Play experience on our study day and it was very well received! The employees had to work together to solve the puzzles and were very fanatical about this. Had very, very positive feedback from the team!

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Tineke  Verroen
New|THO C. van der Pols & Zn. B.V.|

Successful afternoon

Nice Team, nice game, a must for every company!

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Stella Stella

Amazing team event experience

Thanks to the great online event of the Box Company we had a fantastic evening with my team. The support from the Box Company was excellent and they were very helpful in all questions/requests! We did the remote team building game in the office split in two team on opposite glass-wall rooms and it was a fun and energizing experience! I highly recommend it! 😀

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Jessica Berkers

Reconnect Experience

Very very nice game. Well executed and playable. Great experience!

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Jet van Ginneke

Reconnect Experience

Super fun game and great that it can be played independently. Highly recommended for large groups looking for a team building activity.

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Catherine Doble
New|Merck Life Science Ltd|

Great fun

Thoroughly enjoyable experience!

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Bas Janssen

Remote Team Building Experience

Very nice online team building event done with The Box Company. Good instructions beforehand and techniques used very accessible for all levels. Requires a separate communication channel (teams or zoom) but that works well.

Of course, an open mind with regard to puzzles/brain teasers is desirable, some quests you have to think through with your team.

Recommended as a team engagement session. Make sure to plan enough time for yourself after the game to talk and share experiences with the other teams.

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