The first e-Touristram in Antwerp

This year, Touristram is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Antwerp. Since 1994, the company has had its permanent place of departure at Groenplaats and transports around 20,000 tourists annually. To celebrate this, the company will use its first electrically powered vehicle in Antwerp for touristic tours.

Tourist trams were originally mainly used for guided tours in defined tourist parks. Nowadays these trams are also being used more and more in city centers, where they form an attractive offer to introduce day and stay tourists to the city in an easily accessible way. In addition to the highlights, lesser known places are also covered during a tour.

The Touristram company has been building tourist trams for 30 years and is well acquainted with the specific needs of trams because, in addition to the construction of these vehicles, it is also responsible for their operation. Manager Marc Volckaerts says: “Because we want to profile ourselves as a sustainable company, and partly because of the LEZ in Antwerp, we have been looking for alternative drives for some time. In addition to our 3 CNG-powered (compressed natural gas) vehicles, we are now also introducing the first electric-powered vehicle in Antwerp. The vehicle has a range of 120 km and a capacity of 28 people. From now on, Touristram is only going to drive sustainably and older diesels in the fleet will be converted or replaced with an electric motor or CNG.


In the future we want to expand the existing operations to other cities, with a total package for municipalities in need of a modern city vehicle for tours or shuttles. In addition to touristic tours, Touristram can also be used for shuttles for schools and seniors, shuttle transport for the middle class, open days, fairs, etc. ...

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