A flexible, quickly set up stage that amazes everyone, where the possibilities are endless, where the effects come to life and where the price is advantageous for you, welcome to Luxe Podium.

With our mobile inflatable podiums we can be of service to you quickly and flexibly. We deliver 24/24, 7/7.

We build the inflatable stage car completely ready for use at any desired location and time within 45 minutes.

Due to the low-noise construction, we can, if desired, also erect the stage at night without causing noise nuisance for local residents.

Our stage car has a striking inflatable stage roof with transparent sails that provide sufficient daylight on the stage and provide a spectacular spectacle on and off stage in the dark by means of show lighting. You can also choose to close the side walls and rear wall with black tarpaulins.

In our range we have 1 XXL podiums (8 by 6 meters) with the black roof

Luxe Podium
Luxury Podium ready for 2024
8 February 2024

The event season is about to start again. Send your request for our stage of 8 by 6 meters.

Info and prices at https://luxepodium.be/

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Luxe Podium
Houthulst - stage at night
9 June 2023

at night you can create fantastic effects with our stage and some lamps. Simply POWERFUL

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