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Our federation originated from the Facebook group Event & Entertainment Freelancers SOS, founded on March 13, 2020, whose objective was to provide a platform for the people working in this sector, be it self-employed, self-employed in a secondary occupation, albeit as small SMEs. offer where they could go with their complaints. Everyone was still dazed by the wave of cancellations that engulfed us, and many found it frustrating to hear that the Hospitality Industry was getting generous benefits and our industry was apparently being overlooked. Our main ambition, by the strength of the number, was to point out to the government that a complete clearing was underway here, that the vast majority saw themselves completely devoid of bread and that our sector was just as entitled to compensation as shops and catering. Our Facebook quickly reached the 5,000 member milestone and there was a repeated demand for an umbrella federation for the industry where dozens of different sub-sectors operate.

This is also the reason why FED EVENT was set up urgently, because it is of course easier to communicate with the official authorities in the form of a federation. Apart from that, we noted that there was a lot of cross-fertilization on the platform, that ideas were exchanged and that in time, once this crisis was resolved, this would generate business opportunities for everyone.

We have now lobbied, communicated, informed the general public, and we have a good eye that the government will come to our sector with a legally valid compensation measure. And then our first objective has already been achieved. Ensuring that our people and their companies survive this crisis in a dignified way and are ready to get back to work in Festivals, Concerts, Cycling races, Cyclo cross, Athletics, International Jumpings, Village and city parties, company parties, conferences and ditto, events that strengthen the social fabric and make life more pleasant and rich.

Interview with Manu Blancqueart
1 April 2020

Interview with FED EVENT founder and chairman Manu Blancqueart.

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