Drag queen shows

Since RuPaul's Drag Race, the drag queen cabaret has received a huge boost worldwide. Not difficult to imagine as drag queens know how to turn an evening into a true spectacle. Do you want to organise a popular drag queen show during your event or party? Then you're in luck because eventplanner.net can help you. Take a quick look at the list below!

What is a drag queen?

For starters, a drag queen is usually a male performer who dresses in feminine attire while performing and portraying female gender stereotypes. Drag queens usually go for a striking look and use much more make-up in their drag persona than a woman. They magnify their gestures and body language on stage. Just look at how they wink, sway their hips, or dance like real glamour girls. The entertainment professional performs a queen act that typically may include dancing, stand-up comedy, acting, and singing. And that both live and via lip syncing and pre-recorded tracks.

In a cross-dressing show, the performers are men who dress up as women specifically for themselves.

Why hire a drag performer?

Drag queens are very different from each other. They come in every size, colour, and culture. There are professionals who are really famous, personalities who have millions of followers to people who only occasionally drag. Drag queen shows come in a specific style and there are also drag queen acts that promote a particular message. Drag artists are also used as hostess, DJ, or simply as a personality at events. That is why there is always a drag act that suits your party or event. There is a suitable performance for every event.

What to keep in mind when organising a drag queen show

There are a few things that you should list in advance. For starters, what is your budget? Tip, include these costs in the budget tool of your event-planning software. These artists come in different price categories and you also have to take into account travel expenses, taxes, and administration costs. Also, what are your expectations from the drag or cross-dressing show? How long do you want the artist to perform? What is her exact role? And do you have certain extra wishes? For example, does your artist also perform an 'acte de presence' after the performance?

A complete show with a drag queen act

A drag queen show and cross-dressing show is a total spectacle with a high glamour level. You can enjoy exciting music with singing or playback, fun dance performances, and dazzling outfits. All this in combination with a considerable touch of humour. So much fun is guaranteed.

Did you know that you can also contact our partners for tailor-made shows? Solo performances, duos, or trios? As a full act, but also, for example, an opening or closing act to break the ice, get or keep your audience in a party mood. So there are plenty of options; atmospheric, challenging, extravagant, or completely over-the-top. Combine your drag show with your drag queen as a presenter, a hostess who leads the festivities in the right direction, cabaret, or singer for a full evening programme!

Hiring a drag queen act?

You want to book a drag queen or cross-dressing act? How do you start your search for a fun drag show and a match made in heaven? We like to make it easy for you! Consult the list below. There we, eventplanner.net, have collected a series of drag artists for you. All artists have extensive stage and speaking experience. The info you need to contact these drag performers can be found in seconds on our site. You can find who you are looking for even faster via the filters.

Register your drag queen show for free

Create a business page via the button below. It is also completely free. You may be thinking why you should do that. Well, because that way, thousands of event organisers see your advertisement. They visit our site daily looking for event suppliers. And we know that there are also some who want to book or hire a drag queen act or drag queen cabaret.

Are you also looking for other marketing opportunities as a drag performer to publicise the shows? Contact our marketing team; they have gained a lot of experience in recent years and know how to reach your target group.

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