MoJuice renews its event registration & scanning system with MoScan
15 September 2022

We may not like to hear it, but the corona epidemic also had its good sides. MoJuice not only expanded its high-performance streaming platform Wavely into the go-to solution for serious streaming, but also worked diligently behind the scenes and silently on an upgrade of the event registration and scanning system.

'MoScan' can be used as a registration tool and as a scanning tool. By combining these two cool features, you not only get a neat overview of the attendees, but you follow the status of the attendees live. Also with regard to aftercare and post-event communication, 'MoScan' offers many advantages for follow-up and marketing purposes. You can combine both tools, or use them together as a punishment duo.

The registration and scanning platform 'Moscan' is part of . is a platform for eventtoosl created by MoJuice. Be sure to take a look and discover our Photo Lama – photobooths, our Wavely streaming solutions, the wide range of live capture options, event animation, live voting tools for conferences, and many more!

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