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Great enthusiasm about AI application within event system
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17 March 2023

Even before ChatGPT took over the media, the developers of Invitado Visitor Managementhad already plunged into the APIs of this revolutionary application out of professional curiosity. While pioneering, they developed a smart tool with which event organizers can generate event texts at lightning speed. In a pilot, selected clients have shown themselves so enthusiastic in recent months that this initially experimental, dedicated text generator is now part of the flexible total solution that Invitado offers event organizers free of charge.


The design of the new Invitado tool for event texts is simple and easy to use. You choose the type of text you want to generate (general, invitation or confirmation email or speaker bio), select the language (Dutch or English, where in Dutch you can choose between the u or the you form), fill in enter the essential data (event name, date and time, location) and possibly some additional data, and then put the generator to work. And just like for a copywriter of flesh and blood, the more concrete the briefing, the more useful the text, as it soon turns out.

Dots on the i

'In many cases the texts generated on the basis of artificial intelligence can be used almost immediately, but of course it is good to remain critical and to dot the i's and cross the t's yourself.' Michiel Droog of Invitado is speaking. 'If only with a view to the tone of voice within the communication around your event. At the very least, our tool is a very effective remedy against writer's block or the proverbial fear of the blank sheet of paper: such automatically generated text will help you on your way anyway. And good too!'

Nice and easy

'We prefer to make things as simple as possible for our customers,' Droog continues. 'And if technology can lend a helping hand, we are of course happy to embrace it. Writing texts is not our core business: our customers are primarily responsible for their content. But with this tool we make it a little bit easier for them in a fun way.'

'Frankly astounding'

A number of Invitado customers have already gained the necessary experience with the tool during a pilot. The initial skepticism gave way to great enthusiasm on the part of most people, as evidenced by the very positive feedback. The responses range from 'It's really nice to have such a starting point for your texts' to 'It's super easy to use and the results are simply amazing.'

In a tutorial on the Invitado website, the possibilities of the AI text generator are discussed in more detail, based on concrete examples.

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