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Our client Barry Callebaut Group talks about their "European roadshow"
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12 February 2024

“We are happy to share our experience about the impact that the European roadshow, provided by BrainCross Mobile Events, has had on us!"

We recently had the opportunity to organize a European roadshow. We have experienced roadshow marketing as a distinctive concept for our organization.

Firstly, the European roadshow has given us unprecedented reach. With BrainCross' mobile innovative units we were able to convey our message in a beautiful way at various locations throughout Europe. This has helped us enter new markets, attract potential customers and strengthen our Callebaut brand. The ability to maintain our own identity and differentiate ourselves from competitors was of great value.

But what was even more distinctive is that the European roadshow functioned as a mobile exhibition stand. This meant that we were no longer limited to one exhibition location, but that we could spread our message flexibly at different events and locations. This has given us the opportunity to reach our audience in a targeted and effective way, while reducing the costs of investing in separate exhibition stands.

Thanks to the BrainCross European roadshow, we have not only increased our visibility, but we have also actually generated new business opportunities. The ability to present our brand in multiple locations in Europe has led to valuable leads and concrete deals.

In short, we can confirm that the European roadshow provided by BrainCross Mobile Events has added a lot of value to our company.”

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