Broadkastr | Livestreaming for Businesses

Broadkastr | Livestreaming for Businesses

Broadkastr | Livestreaming for Businesses
  • Tiensevest 58, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care

With this slogan we provide live streams and live recording of, among others. sports, (hybrid) events and business activities.

We are strongly committed to automation in order to provide an excellent service for a competitive price. Never before have technological innovations for cameras and live streaming equipment followed each other so quickly. By making full use of these new technologies, we offer our customers an answer to the increasing demand (but not necessarily a larger budget) for video content.

In addition, we attach great importance to our service . It's only live once, so let's make it count. Each project is assigned a project manager who, as a single point of contact, will represent your event and prepare the technical implementation from A to Z.

With this formula we support clients such as VRT, Radio 2, Province of Flemish Brabant, Flanders Investment & Trade and many more. Video is a people's business, our team is eager to support your activity.

Broadkastr | Livestreaming for Businesses
Webinars in the studio!
22 March 2023

A look behind the scenes at our webinar for imec.xpand 👀

This time, Studio Jan in the heart of Leuven was selected because of their business image. During this webinar, the fund's partners gave an update to their investors.

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3 reviews on Broadkastr | Livestreaming for Businesses - 10/10

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Wouter Weerts
New|LOKO Leuven|

Great collaboration on the 24 hour run

At LOKO we are, as always, very satisfied with the cooperation with Broadkastr. Always very professional but also very friendly and pleasant. Highly recommended for anyone looking for quality live streaming that leaves you with a good feeling.

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Karen Van den Berghe

Live Streaming via YouTube

Immotrap is a property manager in and around Leuven. With more than 150 buildings in our portfolio, we try to inform our co-owners. This event took place in the Provinciehuis in Leuven and had 200 participants on site. The event was streamed live with the more than 4000 co-owners. About 400 people followed the information evening online with an average time of 1h04min. So a success!

The 7 keynote speakers were displayed on a split screen so that the speaker and the presentation could be followed. Streamed from our own YouTube channel and posted hidden on YouTube.

From our first meeting to the settlement, we were helped quickly with our questions. Setting up the link for the live streaming could also be shared with all co-owners in advance. There were 2 cameras in the back of the auditorium. One zoomed in on the speaker himself. We let the guest speakers choose whether they gave their presentation while walking or sitting. The public was not inconvenienced by this.

BROADKSTR also has an eye for detail. For example, they have incorporated the house style of our logo in the online name cards that appear with the guest speakers.

Everything went smoothly towards the preparation and on the evening itself the work was done professionally. I definitely recommend Arthur and his team!

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Roald Parmentier
New|aviate labs|

Top! Event recording for YouTube and speaker call in via Zoom.

Broadkastr helped us record a physical event and later upload the footage to YouTube. The event had 3 keynotes and a panel discussion.

The collaboration went very smoothly with a lot of attention to our needs. For example, there was the need to have one speaker dial in over Zoom from Zurich, which went live during the panel discussion without any problems.

Their "switching" system allowed for directing from another room, so that only the cameras were in the event room. As a result, the inconvenience to the public was minimal and cables were barely visible.

Highly recommended for a professional service with peace of mind at a very decent price!👍

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Broadkastr | Livestreaming for Businesses
Behind the scenes at More Summer - Radio 2!
03 March 2023

Between the usual hybrid events and webinars, there is also a completely different type of assignment every now and then!👀

Take a look behind the scenes at the broadcast of a radio show on the move. Live performances in the sun & in between interesting interviews with the artists: we have already enjoyed ourselves!

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