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GEOTEAM creates and organizes interactive teambuilding GPS games in over 20 Belgian cities. The city games highlight teamwork, communication and fun. The competitive element activates the team spirit of the players. A personal touch or questions and assigments about the company can be integrated by our creative team into every activity, because all concepts are developed in-house . Our team building programs with an adventurous twist put participants to exercise and sport, and they make it a memorable day on unique locations.


Our city games can be played as a team building activity, as a trip with friends and family, or part of a bachelor party. Everyone has a blast with Geoteam Citygames!

Thank you customers, thank you team!
06 December 2021

The hard work of the entire team resulted, even in difficult circumstances, in high-quality events that are appreciated by our customers year after year!

Today Sinterklaas brings not only sweets but also the Certificate of Excellence.👌

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader | | 06 December 2021

Proficiat Geoteam! 🏆 Prachtige reviews.

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76 reviews on Geoteam - 9.3/10

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Pascal Groenendaels
New|P&V Verzekeringen|

GPS City Challenge game - Mechelen

The GPS City Challenge Game takes you on a journey of discovery through Mechelen, where you get to know cool and historic places in the city center, while also performing a number of tasks in the meantime. It is a fun activity for young and old to organize as a team building activity, or to play with friends or family on a day off. Everything is well organized and, you get a clear explanation and all material was present and of good quality. Highly recommended as far as I'm concerned!

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Ayla Ismailovic

Nice experience

We have had a lot of positive feedback. We had a great day. If we had to give points for improvement: we find that the timing was sometimes a little tight and we would also have liked to have the answer when the answer provided was not correct.
For the rest, nothing to complain about, it was memorable!

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Karine Bracke
New|Solidaris, nationaal verbond van socialistische mu|

Teambuilding FinDir Solidaris

We had a fantastic Team Building afternoon thanks to Geoteam.
Very well organised, nicely presented, interactive and we got to know Brussels in a different way.

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Sophie Taquet
New|AG |

Really great!

Really Top! Nothing to say :-)
This is the 2nd time that we have called on Geoteam for the organization of our Team Building (GPS Challenge and El Profesor) and we were delighted once again :-)
We recommend both. The puzzles are well crafted and really geared towards team collaboration.
All feedback received was very positive. Some even want to try the experience as a family on weekends.
One of the positive points is that it is possible to ask to have the puzzles in the 2 languages as well as the instructions by the animators. This was greatly appreciated by our collaborators.
The entertainers were really great! They made us laugh from the start and got us in the mood before we headed off to Brussels.
A big thank you to the whole team for the very good organization of our 2 Team Building :-)
We had a great time.
And definitely see you next time :-)

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Iris De Cubber

Nice teambuilding thanks to Geoteam!

For our teambuilding we called on Geoteam for an escape game in Hasselt.
Everything went smoothly, communication and preparation: nothing to complain about.
Cool supervisor who enthusiastically briefs us about the course of the game at the beginning. Also stays nearby in case of problems.
Definitely recommended to book an activity.

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Mush Binte Abdul Latib

Teambuilding day for the Guilliotts, Tuesday 18th October 2022

GeoTeam was very good at answering all of our enquiries and they reply to our emails professionally and efficiently. On the day itself, everything was clearly explained and the organization itself was also smooth. The activities we chose was the Maffia game and the GPS challenge both of which was fun! Thanks again GeoTeam for making our teambuilding day a success and a memorable one = ) We all went home tired but very happy.

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Alicia Jullien

El professor game in Ghent

We proposed the activity El professor on the theme of Casa de Papel during a business seminar in Ghent. We discovered the city while creating team cohesion. Thanks to the Geo team team for the organization and animation on D-Day.

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Catherine VDB

El Profesor, with Geoteam

Before the event: the Geoteam team is very reactive and very available to answer questions, provide information and adapt to our requests. We had chosen to limit the teams to 6/7 participants, which is ideal for everyone to participate.
During an event: perfect organisation, by a bilingual coach, perfect for Belgian teams with a sense of humour!
We played at El Profesor for 2h30... a slight taste of too little: it would have taken 1/2h more!
After the event: again, quick reaction from Geoteam to send photos and solutions.
All participants enjoyed the game, even those without knowledge of the series.
Perfect organization!

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Tom Tom Janssen
New|Departement Omgeving, Vlaamse Overheid|

Fun city game in Lier

For our staff trip we did a city search in Lier based on the Geoteam game. Everything was well organized and very clear. It was a nice and accessible way to explore the city.

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Raluca Radu
New|EU Council|

Ecellent activity

We have spent an excellent time in discovering Bridge. The app was easy to use and we could easily find our way throughout the city. I strongly recommend Geoteam!

Jasper De Saeger

Citygame Monopolis

With 19 colleagues we played the game Monopolis in Antwerp in the pouring rain. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed it, which is of course thanks to the good organization. Both from Ilse who managed everything on site and from Gert/Koen who arranged everything for us in advance at short notice. Thank you!

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Geoffrey Sulmon

Sherlock Pro ORES September 13, 2022

We spent a very nice afternoon as a team with the "Sherlock Pro" game, an exercise highlighting team spirit.

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Oksana Savel

Great game in the city of Namur

Our teambuilding with more than 90 people went really well! We had a great time with great photo memories. Some ideas for improvements: enlarge the map so that it is not necessarily feasible for the duration of the game - increase interactivity with other teams (block their map, challenges,...).

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Tinne Baijens

Get to know the city in a different way

We have been working in Brussels for years, but yesterday we got to know the city in a different and playful way. Before the start of the new school year, we were looking for a team-building activity that we could do with our entire organization. The Checkpoint City game was ideal to boost the team spirit in all teams and to create connection. A more than successful afternoon! We can start the new school year with great memories, thank you Geoteam!

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Caroline Lecroart

Top notch network building

A tasty mix of physical activity, reflection and fun makes this game an exceptional ally for your team building. We loved the questions and the chosen city (Ghent). Our team has really enjoyed the game and has strengthened the ties between us since the COVID period.

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