• Zaha Hadidplein 1, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium

A corporate event with Oceandiva is always one for the books - experience the freedom of the water and the electric energy of the city at the same time. The blank canvas interiors of the Oceandiva ships can be fully adapted and ensure a tailor-made event every time. With a capacity of 100 to 1500 guests on board, Oceandiva is the place for an unforgettable business event in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium: a world apart.

Tailor made events

Where the Oceandiva Futura has three different levels with a panoramic view of the surroundings thanks to the enormous windows, the Oceandiva Original has a five-metre-high 'black box' with a vide as an eye-catcher. The Oceandiva Nova has a state-of-the-art design, contains the latest technology and sails with a battery of 2.2 MW capacity.

The modern, warm-looking spaces of the Oceandiva ships serve as a blank canvas, so that events can be fully customised according to the wishes of the customer, in terms of appearance, design and branding. Go for a complete tailor made event!

The freedom of the water, in the heart of the city

Experience the freedom of the water and turn your business event into an unforgettable experience full of inspiration. The multifunctional spaces are suitable for all kinds of events. Think of a roadshow, product launch, brand event, car launch, a dinner with a view over the city skyline, a fashion show including a catwalk or a summer festival where the quay is used as well. The feeling from being on water in combination with the conveniences and reachability of the city makes every corporate event a unique experience. In short, Oceandiva combines the facilities of an event location in your favourite city with the freedom of a ship.

Sustainable event location

Oceandiva is leading the way in a more sustainable future for the events industry. For example, our ships run on special biofuels, we work with sustainable partners and we make considerable savings on water consumption.

As floating event venue there’s no getting around using some sort of fuel. But we can influence the type of fuel we use! Oceandiva Original and Oceandiva Futura run on HVO100. This biofuel is made of 100% certified waste- and residual materials, which reduces our CO-2 emissions by up to 90%. It also greatly reduces the amount of aerial particles for a better quality of air. Oceandiva Nova on the other hand is already fully electric powered, and also equipped with a circular waste management system.

Experience your own event as a guest

At Oceandiva we think proactively and we dare to be critical for the best result and a high level of service. As a result, our clients find it a relief to be able to enjoy their own event as a guest.

The event ships of Oceandiva are exclusively bookable for corporate events, not for private events.


Oceandiva Original

  • Capacity: 100 – 1.500 guests
  • Surface: 2.500 m2
  • 4 areas: Foyer / Balcony / Central area / Outside deck
  • Space for large objects

Oceandiva Futura

  • Capacity: 100 – 600 guests
  • Surface: 1.250 m2
  • 4 areas: Central area / Lounge deck / VIP deck / Outside deck
  • Futuristic and stylish

Oceandiva Nova

  • Capacity: 100 – 1500 guests
  • Surface: 3000 m2
  • 4 area’s: Central area / Balcony + terrace / Upper deck / Outside deck
  • Impressive LED wall
  • 100% electrically driven
  • Awarded with Green Award’s Platinum label


The Oceandiva Nova shines as a new star on the water
11 April 2024

Amsterdam, April 11 – Oceandiva is pleased to announce that the Oceandiva Nova, the world's first CO2-neutral event ship awarded the Platinum label by Green Award, will be ready to welcome guests in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium from mid-May. With its progressive approach to sustainability and state-of-the-art design, the Oceandiva Nova promises to be a refreshing new chapter for ...

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4 reviews on Oceandiva - 10/10

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Erwin Roosenstein
Expert|All Star Entertainment|

A unique sailing location

All Star Entertainment has worked with the Ocean Diva several times. There is always good consultation together and thus a flawless production is possible. A pleasure to be able to work together like this. Ocean Diva is particularly suitable for unique product presentations, company parties and private parties.

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Sophie Naze
Leader|KonseptS Events|

The most professional event company I know

As an agency, we are always dependent on the speed with which our suppliers' quotations reach us in order to be able to answer our end customer quickly and adequately. In addition to an incredible product, the collaboration behind the scenes, the speed, quality and follow-up of the files at Ocean Diva are unseen. They always think very much about the project and they also make creative proposals to make it even better. Difficult questions about hoisting goods on board (eg cars, buses) are treated very well. Everyone you get on the phone always knows something about the file, so internal communication is always good. As a customer you are always recognized and recognized and that gives a nice feeling.
Keep on doing!

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Alex Blaauboer
New|De Nederlandsche Tafelronde|


At the beginning of June, the Nederlandsche Tafelronde, together with Ladies Circle Nederland and 41 Club, was able to organize a fantastic event at the Ocean Diva Futura.
A sensational event that continues to be a lifetime experience including the Hermes House Band, great catering and staff, 400 guests.
Very nice cooperation in the preparations, a deal is a deal, do what you say & say what you do, very nice !!!!
Fortunately, the night was also a party for the crew!

In this case, the Sneekermeer was the location, together with an epic sunset and full moon together unreal beautiful.

Thank you a thousand times and see you again!

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Kevin Van der Straeten

Get Inspired Event 2014

In 2014 we organized the 'eventplanner.be /.nl Get Inspired Event' at the OCEANDIVA. We could count on a super helpful and motivated crew who arranged everything down to the smallest detail. The fact that we also made a cruise in the harbor, the guests really liked it! A classy event location that surprises!

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Characteristics Oceandiva



Number of people

100 - 1500 



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green space (e.g. a forest) 

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Catering venue

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Activities Oceandiva

Activity regions:
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Oceandiva London adjusts course: from regulatory battle in the UK to growth in the EU
7 February 2024

Amsterdam, February 7 - Oceandiva, a forerunner in sustainable sailing event locations, enthusiastically announces the arrival of its award-winning ship 'Oceandiva London' in the EU. This strategic decision has been made following significant challenges within the UK regulatory framework. Despite obtaining the prestigious Green Award's Platinum Label, the combination of regulatory hurdles and infrastructure shortcomings proved to be an insurmountable ...

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader |eventplanner.net | 9 February 2024

What a story! Best of luck with this amazing eco-friendly ship in Europe.

Oceandiva launches new era with inspiring rebranding and sets course for global growth.
29 December 2023

In the year in which Oceandiva celebrates its impressive 20th anniversary, the market leader in sailing event locations announces a vibrant transformation: a complete rebranding and repositioning, symbolizing a new era of growth and innovation.

From boyhood dream to global success

"Twenty years ago we started with a vision to create unique events on the water. Today we remain true to that ...

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A sailing Christmas showroom: OCEANDIVA and Edelman join forces!
27 November 2020

In these times you have to be creative. Fortunately, rethinking is in both the DNA of OCEANDIVA and Edelman, with the result that they will be sailing the German waters with a sailing showroom from January.

We bring the showroom to the customer

Together with Edelman, one of the largest importers in the field of home accessories, OCEANDIVA creates a ...

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