Medical assistance and first aid at events based on the vision "duty of care with high service".

Another take on the duty of care is when our Medicals give your guests the feeling that they will be perfectly helped in the event of an incident and are in safe hands.

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Society changes and continues to change. One of the changes is the increase in syndromes that can cause serious acute health disturbances. This can only be investigated and handled with the right knowledge and equipment. The standard first aid diploma is not sufficient for this. That is why Medicals4Events has a team of professionals, who work in the healthcare sector on a daily basis and have of course followed the appropriate professional training.

Our Medicals are jointly trained and trained with our other safety components such as the Security, Traffic controllers and Fireman. This makes deployment more effective in the event of an incident / calamity and with a better result.

Medicals4Events; the knowledge, materials and therefore the service that is desired for your guests.

Our employees are the showpiece of your event.

We are happy to assist you for any event, large or small.

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