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Why take out event insurance? If you are properly insured, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises as an event organiser. The companies specialised in insurance for events that you will find on the list below will be happy to help you. Event insurance, better safe than sorry!

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No Risk Events

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No Risk Events is the specialist for your event insurance. Materials: insured. Bad weather: insured. Money: insured. Cancellation: insured. Sick artist: insured. Liability: insured. Profit: insured. Always tailor-made.

Aon Evenementenverzekering

Aon Evenementenverzekering

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No matter how well you organize your events, something can always go wrong. An artist falls ill, a visitor holds you liable or you have to cancel the event due to sudden storms. The Aon Event Insurance protects you against financial consequences.



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Tent insurance is the insurance of choice, unique in Belgium. We insure you for all conceivable risks! You the party, we care!

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Verzekeringskantoor Verheyen

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Our specialty is to map the real risks of organizers and to provide solutions. We do this for all types of events such as B2B, conferences, festivals, concerts, fairs, ...

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We Insure

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WE Insure focuses on total [insurance] advice for the entrepreneur and his company. An important specialism can be found in insurance for the entertainment industry.

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eWed Insurance

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At eWed Insurance, we offer the most affordable and comprehensive wedding insurance solutions. Whether you're seeking wedding liability insurance, wedding cancellation insurance, or event liability insurance, we've got you covered.

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Vander Haeghen & Co

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What if unexpected problems arise before, during or after your event? To insure all your public, professional or private events, we propose this insurance.

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Event Insurances

Accidents, extreme weather such as storms or floods, fire and explosion, damage to third parties due to vandalism or riots, artists who cancel, material damage due to theft, forest fires, terrorism, ... there are plenty of unforeseen circumstances that can cost your event organisation a lot of money and give you nightmares for years to come. That's why event insurance is always worth it! An overview of insurers for events can be found in the list below.

What risks will you insure?

Better do it sooner rather than later, goes a well-known saying. The same applies to event insurance. Something can always go wrong during your B2B event, dance festival, staff party, cultural event or local fair. As an organiser, it is, therefore, important to assess all the risks and dangers of your event in advance and to insure yourself against them in good time. In any case, some insurance policies are mandatory for an event in Belgium. For example, you are legally obliged to insure everyone involved in the organisation for damage caused to third parties.

As an event organiser, it is best to take out event insurance that covers the civil liability of anyone who helps with the organisation, even if this is not required by law. That's your team, but it also pays off to insure your volunteers, artists, speakers, and so on. It is a good idea to take out physical accident insurance. This then covers the reimbursement of medical costs up to a disability payment in the event of physical damage.

Event insurance is about more than insurance objective liability. You can insure yourself against even the most unlikely risks. If you organise a festival or concert in tents, you can, for example, take out a civil liability for tents, in case the wind blows your tents away. Also possible: an event/festival cancellation insurance. Or an event/festival weather insurance, like bad weather insurance. In the Low Countries, the weather conditions can seriously affect your event, forcing you to cancel, interrupt, or end your event early. This cover is usually added to the cancellation insurance. Certainly one to consider when organising a concert.

Take out event insurance, but compare first!

Another good tip: before taking out insurance, it is best to compare different policies and different insurers. Not only the cost price, the insured amount, the deductibles but also the content of the insurance contracts can differ significantly. So make sure that they perfectly meet the needs of your event. Don't forget to include the costs of your event insurance in your event budget.

Taking out event insurance?

If you are going to organise an event, you will know, after reading this article, that it is a good idea to take out event insurance. You can do this quickly and easily via our website. No, eventplanner.net is not an insurer. But in the list below, you will find a handy overview of professional insurers for events. But how can you be sure of the quality of the partner that is going to insure your event? Well, that's easy: read the reviews that previous customers have written about the insurer of your choice!

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