Make-up artists

Need a make up artist or makeup artist for your event, theater production, festival, wedding or wedding party? Need professional make-up for your artists, actors and actresses or professional children's make-up to entertain the kids at your event? You will find all these professionals in the list below.

Make-up artists

Artists make up for a photo shoot or for a fashion show, make-up for film, TV, theater or opera productions, children's make-up or make-up, a special make-up for a wedding or party, these are all different expertises in make-up country. And these make up artists, also called 'mua', can all be found on

Why make-up on stage?

Makeup and make-up ensures that whoever is on stage shines! Good makeup will enhance the contours of the face such as the cheekbones and jawline and make the eyes look bigger with the use of mascara. Small imperfections in the skin are smoothed out and the skin also becomes less shiny. Professional make up artists can also create certain styles, looks or special effects. Think of characters such as a vampire, zombie or Frankenstein's monster.

Hire a professional makeup artist or do it yourself?

Do you take care of the make-up yourself or hire professionals? It is a question that you as an organizer may struggle with. There are several benefits of working with professional makeup artists. There is a big difference between a 'do it yourself approach' and hiring a professional makeup artist.

To start with, the quality of the makeup that a real makeup artist uses is of a professional quality. These products are more highly pigmented so that the colors stand out. The colors also blend more easily so that a professional makeup artist can create spectacular effects with them. And professional make-up has a stronger coverage so that the look lasts longer and more beautiful and can withstand the heat of studio lamps, for example. These products are also manufactured in such a way that they give the best results quickly. Handy, when experienced make-up artists have to deal with a large number of people within a limited time span. Professional make up artists also have a lot of experience with the skin and face shapes and thus ensure the most beautiful end result.

Do you want to have the picture completely 'finished' at your event? Why not opt for a basic make up look for your hostesses to enhance your brand or party theme? By the way, there are still a lot of freelancers or other interim staff who dot the i's and cross the t's for your event.

Children's grime or grime

Popular at every event, fair, where the little ones are also present, is the face painting of children and transforming them into a butterfly, lion, princess or any popular character super loved. Brighten up your children's party? You can also hire a makeup artist who specializes in this.

Bridal make up, the perfect make up for your big day

Your wedding day is a day to remember, so you want to look radiant all day long. With a day make up and an evening make up, which is a bit more striking. With these make up artists specialized in bridal looks it is often possible to do a test make-up session in their make-up studio so that you know exactly how you will look at your wedding.

Do you want to hire a make-up artist or make-up artist for your event?

You know exactly what the actors or models should look like for the role they have to play. You want to shine on your big day. A make up look for every occasion. Time to hire an experienced make up artist! How do you find it? Very easy! In the list below. was happy to compile this overview for you. You are sure to find the professional you are looking for.

You are a make up artist and your name is not yet in the list above?

Are you active as a make up artist at events and are you looking for visibility with event organizers? Then add your make-up services immediately to the list below so that our visitors, and there are thousands per day, can also find your professional make-up services. Are you still looking for other marketing opportunities to get into the picture with your target group as a make up make-up artist? Contact our marketing specialists and they will be happy to explain all the possibilities.

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