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BMW confirms The Oval Office as a partner for experience-driven loyalty communication
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12 May 2022

After an extensive market survey, BMW Group Belux has decided to assign the strategic, creative and production management of its various loyalty programs to The Oval Office for the next three years. In 2012, the agency, together with BMW's internal experiential marketing team, formed the basis of the car brand's loyalty approach in Belgium and Luxembourg. Today, 15,000 customers are members of the BMW Pure Emotions and BMW M League loyalty programs and around 100 exclusive experiences are offered each year.

Strategic approach

BMW Belux has been playing a pioneering role in the field of loyalty for 10 years now. With the development of specific loyalty programmes, BMW has succeeded in not only binding customers to the brand in a sustainable way, but also in acquisition. Members are given the opportunity to experience very diverse experiences tailored to their interests, such as driving experiences on a circuit, a culinary experience at a star chef at home, a VIP experience during the matches of the Red Devils or a personal meeting with an artist in the wings. of a performance.

Guy Le Compte, Events Marketing Manager BMW Belux: “The strategic use of loyalty programs based on offering unique and memorable experiences offers our customers the opportunity to connect with each other and build a stronger bond with our dealers. The members of our loyalty programs are not just brand ambassadors, they are true brand lovers.”

Close partnership

As an experience-driven communication agency, The Oval Office's mission is to connect people and brands in a sustainable way by devising and developing creative communication that combines live experiences and digital experiences. The success of BMW's loyalty programs is a perfect illustration of this approach.

Annick Nees, Client Director The Oval Office: “We are delighted with BMW's renewed confidence in our experience-driven communication approach. Over the years, we have developed a close partnership with BMW's internal marketing teams and are very much looking forward to continuing to innovate together in the field of loyalty and to continue to surprise BMW customers with unique experiences.”

Ewoud Van der Heyden, Marketing Manager BMW Belux: “The Oval Office presented us with a very strong case. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with a focus on further developing our loyalty programs and further strategically integrating the loyalty activities into our CRM approach.”

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader | | 12 May 2022

Proficiat The Oval Office team! 🙌