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Since 2010, Halito! supports event professionals in the organization of events. Manage your invitations, guest lists, (no) shows, surveys and statistics in one clear platform.

The event industry is constantly evaluating, which is reflected in the continuous development of our software, services and partnerships. Together with our partners we offer a total solution for your event communication. This way you always count on a team of experts who support you in the rollout of events. What characterizes us? Satisfied customers! How do we do that? With an eye for detail.

A website for every event

Whether it is a conference, meeting, workshop, round table discussion, open day, product lunch, staff party or anniversary, with Halito! you create your own branded event communication that suits every type of event.

Benefits of Halito!

  • The complete communication process of your events in one platform
  • Professional event sites with a look & feel in line with your corporate identity
  • The personal data of your guests is privacy & security proof
  • A knowledge partner who provides insight into relevant new developments
  • A team of experts who support you in the rollout of an event

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New milestone: Halito! obtains ISO 27001 certificate [press release]
26 September 2022

At Halito! privacy, security and information security are at the top of the priority list. For years. And they have now anchored that by obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate. With this certification, Halito! indicates that it complies with the international standard for information security.


“We have been working towards this for over 2 years and can safely say that ...

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader |eventplanner.net | 26 September 2022

Proficiat Halito! team 🍾

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Maarten Goedeme
New |Freestyletalent Events & Entertainment | 3 October 2022

Proficiat Bart!

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16 reviews on Halito! - 9.1/10

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Halito! as registration partner Effect Ivent - event for event managers

For our annual Effect Ivent (personal development, inspiration and networking event for event organizers) we worked together with registration partner Halito !.
We entered 'the lion's den' between critical event experts, the bar was high. Together with Halito! we have set up a communication plan that includes an event website, various emails and integration with NetworkTables. The latter to allow the event organizers to experience this tool and so that they could 'sit' themselves in advance for the various workshops from which to choose.
The collaboration went very smoothly. Fast, short lines of communication, a high degree of flexibility and thinking along in a relaxed atmosphere but with a critical look at the content / implementation.
The communication process beforehand certainly contributed to the fact that the room was full and the event was fully booked.
On to the next edition together!

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Jan Van Alsenoy
Expert|Leif Antwerpen|

Strong support!

As a non-profit organization, we organized a symposium for about 200 participants. We called on Halito! For all communication, registrations and management. The tool, the accompanying half-day training and the professional and fast helpdesk have done their job well. The symposium was fully booked in a short time.
Jan Van Alsenoy, Leif Antwerp vzw

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Cathelijne van der Veen

Prima tool!

We used the Halito for the planning of our New Year's gathering! event planner and we are very satisfied with it. For our day program it was very important that we knew exactly which of our 200 guests would participate in the many workshops that were offered, which were not only limited in number of participants but would also take place simultaneously. There is Halito! the perfect tool for: it saved us a lot of time during the preparations and afterwards we could very easily export the registered data to Excel. Moreover, we experience the practical support from the Halito! team as very customer and service oriented, pleasantly informal and fast; All in all, there are plenty of reasons to return to Halito! to choose!

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Peter de la Mar
New|Mine Peter de la Mar|

Lovely warm bath with a small cold undertow

My first job as a freelancer is organizing an event. For the first time I have to deal with larger numbers of invitations and participants and that is why I looked for a tool to support it. My choice fell on Halito! and I don't regret it!

I experienced the first acquaintance as impressively good. Proactive contact via chat, an expert and communicative colleague on the line very quickly, short lines of communication and excellent personal solutions for my dilemmas as a starter. For example with regard to invoicing and how I can use Halito! the smartest. Really great!

I also found the moment that I opened my trial version and Halito! had already personalized a number of things for me. Of course I recognize the commercial importance in that, but secretly it is also just very nice, easy, fun and warm!

My main point of improvement is that I experienced a significant difference after signing the quotation. From a direct line with my contact person I was referred to a support desk behind an email address. A desk that also responds quickly and professionally, but sometimes it just works better (for both parties) if you can have a brief consultation with someone. Here, too, I understand the choices made by the organization, but for me as a customer it became more difficult. Especially since the online manuals / Q & As are not yet complete.

By the way, last week I was able to follow a free training at Halito! and it was great again. It is great that this has continued (despite a small number of participants) and wonderful how Kevin managed to deliver custom work. From an inexperienced user who works hard to complete the necessary steps for my event just in time, I now feel 'in control' over the actions that are yet to come and I am very happy with that.

I will definitely come back to Halito at the next event!

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Sigrid Witzenburg
New|SWitz Communicatie|

Experience with Halito! very positive

This year I have the event registration software from Halito! deployed at a customer for which I organized several conferences. It concerned both paying and non-paying events.

The implementation had to be done quickly and the Halito! (Kevin and Annick) were very helpful when there were questions, easy (and always) to reach out to and kept calm. They gave many good tips and know the package inside and out.

Halito! offers very practical software, with quite a few options (from customizing the layout, easily setting up a registration page, preparing mailings (per (sub) target group) to generating participant lists, preparing the payment module and sending pay reminders Available languages are Dutch, French, English and even Chinese.

In short, I am very satisfied with the collaboration and the software. And no, I don't get a discount from them by publishing this experience ;-) It's my honest opinion.

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Nikita Cols
New|VO communication|

Very satisfied

Three times I used the Halito tool as a registration website for seminars I organized. The platform is very user-friendly and the online helpdesk is very helpful, and always very quick to answer.
I recommend this tool to anyone who wants to quickly and efficiently build a registration website.

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Tom De Weyer
Expert|Witti Group - Watt17 - Villa Zwart Goud|

Halito promises eternal loyalty.

We used Halito for the registration of our Wedding Fair and tasting dinners for future Trouwers. The tool worked great to register the more than 175 guests and to know their preferences in terms of menus. In addition, the corporate identity of the registration form perfectly matched the look & feel that we wanted to display at the event. A nice extra was that we could easily send a word of thanks to all guests after the event via Halito. We bless YES to Halito!

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Marije Van Unen
New|sMARt licensing & brands|

Halito! For Kluivert Dog Rescue Center

For the benefit evening of the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center we used the online platform of Halito!

The platform is very extensive and offers various functionalities. But what is especially nice, the custom support they offer. In a very short time they will solve the problems and answer your questions.

Even if you are not that technically handy, they help you to generate the correct output. They work neatly and are flexible.

I am very happy that we can organize this unique event together with Halito! Have been able to pick up.

Marije van Unen
sMARt Licensing & Brands

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Nina van der Burgh
New|Wunderland Kalkar|

Good service, system needs improvement

We have good contact with Kevin, who is always ready to help us with anything. The other support is okay. I often get a response fairly quickly, but it usually takes a few messages back and forth before a solution is found. In our opinion, that could be more efficient.

We are not very satisfied with the system. We regularly receive complaints from customers trying to order a ticket. The one time the email address is not recognized as valid, the other time they fail in another way or they do not receive a confirmation email. This is really far too common. In addition, we do not find the backend system entirely user-friendly in all areas. Many points about this are included in a new update, Halito! but we have been waiting for that for quite some time now. What we find unfortunate, for example, is that we cannot keep 2 event sites open next to each other, then he always jumps to 'the other'. But then I cannot easily take over data and translations. This is unfortunate, for example in the survey. The survey is already very laborious, because all sections and fields are created in a new screen and you have to click (and wait) a lot. Then it is annoying if you cannot have a second screen with an example next to it. That's why I now use it in different browsers, but a bit cumbersome.

In short: We are satisfied with Kevin's service. However, in our opinion the system still needs many adjustments / improvements. Hopefully the workability of the new release is a lot more comfortable.

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Lieke van Beugen
Expert|Artishock, events & marketing|

User-friendly platform and good service!

After a long search, we are at Halito! released and have been working with them for several years now. We are very satisfied! It is a user-friendly platform, there are many possibilities and they continue to develop. The helpdesk is easily accessible, responds quickly and helps where necessary.

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Caroline van Mol
New|Adecco Groot-Bijgaarden|

Halito !: highly recommended!

I was once x number of years ago with the event software from Halito! started working for an event that I had to organize in a previous company. I remember how handy this software was and how much time and energy I saved with it. Just for following up on registrations ... !!
Now I have to organize an event again. Based on my positive experience from the past, I have no hesitation in recommending Halito! addressed. Since it all had to go fast, it was all a bit far away and Halito! In the meantime, of course, had also evolved, I had to rely on the online helpdesk several times to set up the event site. What good service: I was not left to my own devices, on the contrary ... I was always helped quickly, friendly and with a smile! Solutions were sought together. Add to that the extensive possibilities, user-friendliness and security that they hold dear ... in short, I can Halito! recommend to everyone!

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Sophie Naze
Leader|KonseptS Events|

No tool is so complete!

Okay, yes, there may be free tools on the market ... but we're not looking at that. Because we don't believe in free. It cannot be that there are no strings attached.
Because we know what we have at Halito! No online tool is so extensive and offers so many possibilities! Depending on the project, you decide how complex your registration form can / may be. You can customize the website that comes with it in terms of look and feel. GDPR, they are very aware and I am also 100% sure that my data is safe. The high level security commitments they make reassure me as a customer. Tested for data security by many external audits driven by several of their clients in the banking sector give me the confidence that they go far beyond many other platforms. The helpdesk that can be reached via a mail system answer is accurate. Calling is always an option and you will receive friendly assistance. Their extensive WIKI online provides a clear answer to many standard questions. Their development team is also working on the development of the program and there are often updates of the functionalities that also continuously improve user-friendliness. Their training academy gives the opportunity for any user, beginner or advanced, to get the most out of the program according to the required functionalities.
We have been working with Halito for years! and are therefore not inclined to change partners. We are very satisfied!

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Diane Mombers

Fast online help desk

Thank you Halito employees for the fast and efficient support at the online help desk.

Your patience and kindness are a great help in getting started with your software.

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Katrien Wouters
New|SAM, steunpunt Mens en Samenleving|

Halito! daily use of the event planner

We use the event planner every day, with more than 75 training courses per year, it is also necessary to divide the work among different colleagues. The ease of use allows us to work with different people in all event sites, so we always have a backup and we can help each other. And if something does not work the way we want, there is the helpdesk that will always help us as quickly as possible, always with a lot of patience.
The fact that we can also use our own corporate identity for all our training courses is a good recognition for our customers.

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Nina Thomakos

Very satisfied with Halito!

We have Halito! now used for 2 business conferences. Because we can use it as a website / registration / e-mail system in one, the registration and communication process is very efficient. In addition, the system is user-friendly: a conference site or e-mailing can be put together without too much effort or technical knowledge, in the desired house style and has a professional appearance.

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hello! wins HR Explore Award
17 November 2021

The presentation of the HR Explore Award 2021, organized by Voka Antwerpen-Waasland, took place on November 16, 2021. The award rewards the Antwerp-Wase company with the most commendable HR achievement of the past two years.

hello! won 60 minutes of exercise = 10 minutes paid vacation with the case🏆

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader |eventplanner.net | 17 November 2021

Inspirerende case Bart! Proficiat met de welverdiende erkenning 👌

Bart Van Zele
Leader |Halito! | 17 November 2021

Dankjewel Kevin!

Do you still make boring event websites? Play with fonts!
25 May 2021

Fonts for event sites? Is that really important? Yes of course. Read below why this is the case and how you can best approach it.

Are you organizing an (online) business conference or is the corporate identity of your organization fairly corporate? Then the look & feel of your event website will of course match this. Conversely, the same applies: ...

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