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D-side has been the ideal partner for your below-the-line communication for 20 years. Our highly professional and original approach leaves nothing to chance. Whether it concerns large or small projects, our 65 experts will assist you in this world with advice and assistance.

We become your partner when it comes to designing and producing event marketing, brand support, sports marketing, atmosphere design, human capital development, venue management and interactive business.

We have both generalists and specialists in-house for you, which means enormous strength for any project. They know how to share their passion for the profession with you. And if it could be more daring, they conjure up innovative techniques from their hats.

We are happy to manage your challenges from Antwerp or Brussels.

Be prepared to Experience the Extraordinary!

Event industry thanks the heroes to the beats of Lost Frequencies as they wait for a start date!
22 June 2020

It is not news that our country is upside down. For a few months now, we have been under the spell of the Coronavirus and almost nothing else is communicated. But one thing is certain, namely that we cannot thank the real heroes from the front line enough. They are committed to us day and night. And the latter is ...

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