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Amusivent is your partner in the total organization of your party or event. We distinguish ourselves by not only tackling the conceptual and organizational aspects, but also the practical implementation thereof. From a beautifully decorated marquee with appropriate sanitary facilities, to the decoration with furniture and decoration, atmospheric light and sound, a top DJ and adapted and honest catering ... always finished from our passion to do just that little bit better. So your party in good hands.

Gantoise indoor hockey temple
1 December 2023

Gantoise Hockey did not have enough rooms for its indoor hockey activities at the Ghent Watersportbaan and decided to tackle the problem structurally. Amusivent built them a heated hall of more than 1000 m2 for winter hockey fun. Thank you for your trust and have fun sporting!

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33 reviews on Amusivent - 9.6/10

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Koen Van Glabeke
New|Wijkcomité De Biest|

Amusivent knows what fun fairs and parties are!

We chose Amusivent for our 53rd edition of the Biestfeesten in Kruisem. One sentence on their website triggered us to such an extent that we chose them: "We know what fairgrounds and parties are!". Amusivent has a specific offer for associations. This is based on their experience with club life: non-profit organizations that toil with volunteers for months to create a successful event within budget. You will immediately receive a detailed quote that you can sign online. Quotation = invoice which is very nice work. I also received an answer to every email I sent the same day. When Kenneth and his crew enthusiastically guided our volunteers to safely erect the tent floor and the tent, it immediately felt good. The party atmosphere was there right away. It is quite possible that this will be the start of a long-term collaboration.

Because we are concerned: all your points!

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Dirk Desnoeck
New|Timmerman EHS|

Our 50th anniversary

Amusivent has succeeded in fully understanding who we are and what suits us and what doesn't. The result was a very cool and warm party that is still talked about a lot. No nonsense, boom-boom and tasteful at the same time! We are very grateful.

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Hugues Van Oost
Expert|Hugues Van Oost|

Top service and flexibility, recommended!

Collaborated on a large project in Nieuwpoort. After the first tent supplier abandoned us, we ended up with them who immediately jumped. Very smooth cooperation and communication, professional and friendly crew, in short: recommended!

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Malika De Prins
New|Chiro Lint|

dining tent

We were last minute looking for a dining tent for 130 people with the Chiro. Amusivent still had one available. It was very spacious and there was still a lot of room left. It was a good service and they clearly tell you what to do when setting up and breaking down the tent.

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Valerie Crombez
New|Alvamas bv|

Garden party - network event

First time working with this top team!
Despite the fact that the location was not easy/simple, this team was so creative to build and decorate the trusses beautifully in the whole.
They really provide everything from start to finish! I couldn't imagine better care. To be repeated!

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Stef Reymenants


When we were forced to put together a wedding party for our best friends at 4 pm, Amusivent was immediately ready to help. Thanks to their help, we were able to create an unforgettable day in less than a day.
Thanks again for all the effort and professionalism! You can count on Amusivent!

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Thomas Mertens

Wedding day

When our banquet hall called off the night before our wedding, we ended up in a real nightmare. We informed our friends who immediately jumped into action. They did everything in their power to organize a party at our emergency location, a meadow, which we luckily had. Unfortunately, of course they do not have lights, music, boxes, mobile toilets, etc. to turn a party into a party.
And just because of those mobile toilets I accidentally ended up at Tom van Amusivent. I briefly told him the story after which he told me that they do not have toilets themselves, but that he could arrange them if necessary. After this he asked for some more explanation after which, surprised by the history, he simply said that he was going to take care of those toilets at the expense of Amusivent. He couldn't believe what had happened to us and asked where I was (emergency location) and said he would be there within half an hour. And effectively, half an hour later Tom arrived and after getting acquainted for a while he asked flatly "Bon, what is still missing?". I was so surprised I said hesitantly that we might still need lights, music and speakers if we want to make it a decent party. "It'll be all right" was his reply, and while he was already on the phone to arrange things, he stepped away.
While I was driving around trying to provide for things myself, I realized that the little electricity we had was not going to be enough to run all the installations. So I called Tom back (I didn't dare to ask any more but had no other option). You went to see what he could do to find a strong generator.
When I returned to the meadow an hour later, the Amusivent team was standing there with their van, installations, boxes, I saw a generator, there was a tent there ready to be set up (provided by the other benefactor Shadows). When I saw all this, overcome with emotions, I started to cry. This was just surreal, this was unfathomable. As I came back to myself and made my way towards the Amusivent team, Kenneth (co-manager) approached me and said in his calm, calm way: "Don't worry, everything will be fine, it will be here in 2 hours and you have a wedding tonight."
After the rollercoaster of emotions we had already gone through, it was hard to believe this. But the tent was set up and Kenneth and his team started to put up the lights and the like which made me believe in it more and more so I left home to get ready. I had to get married after all.
My, then future, had not seen the last 3 hours of this because she had to go to the hairdresser and therefore had not seen a tent set up, decoration, lights being hung...
So after the ceremony we went to the meadow, my wife was still nervous of course, but all the tension was gone when we arrived. There was just a great party waiting for us there, and whether it was a great party.
We had a wedding that couldn't have been better if we wanted to organize it like this. We owe all this to many of our friends, but certainly also to Amusivent. Their quick action, compassion, willingness to solve it, kindness and flexibility saved our party and ensured that we can start the most beautiful day of our lives instead of pure stress with a certain peace of mind, knowing that there is was taken care of.
Thank you Amusivent, you were great!

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Erol Baykal
New|Een Foute Zaak|

worth every penny

Correct and fast service. We rented tents, fences, banner frames, counters, fridges/freezers and everything went very smoothly from communication to construction and demolition.

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Frank Batslé
New|vzw Happy Days|

Already, since 2016, our top supplier for tents, stage, etc.

Top guests. Almost anything is possible. Super flexible & everything is always top notch. &, sst., cheap (price/quality so crazy ok) ;)

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Els Van Steen
Expert|Het Rekreatief vzw / Villa Mariënborgh|

At the last nip

After corona silence, there was suddenly the storm....
Was able to rent a tent at Amusivent at the last nip
What a service!
Almost always reachable by phone and helped with a smile
The installers were also accurate and very helpful
More than recommended!
Els Van Steen
Responsible reservations
Villa Mariënborgh

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Stefanie Verhauwen

Rent tents - roof terrace

Tents on the roof terrace, no problem for Amusivent.
Good preparation, strong communication and top service.
We are fans!!

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Benoit Dubrulle

Top organization

Amusivent was TOP, everything done according to expectations and within the agreed budget.

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Guy Van de Putte
New|Bestuurslid Belgium Koi Society.|

Koi show Merelbeke

👍A fantastic team, very friendly and helpful with any question you ask.
Highly recommended to work with.
Really great.

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Verstraete Geert

Family day staff

Amusivent has succeeded in using our parking at the company and converting it into an attractive location. In any case, the tent stood out from afar, to the envy of the neighboring companies. The staff, with family were pleasantly surprised by the concept. Smooth construction and dismantling by a passionate team was clearly noticeable, they even provided a little extra here and there to make the party more enjoyable. Their approach and experience were also not unknown to us, 2 years ago they had set up a "brown cafe" in our company, to receive our professional relations. We look forward to the next opportunity to work together again.

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Anne Francet

top team!

Good guidance, clear agreements with correct and professional implementation. Everything with a smile and a good follow-up afterwards! Simply top team, will be Amusivent until the next event! Thank you!💪

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Amusivent is taking the next step in its growth with a new building
11 December 2023

Evergem, December 7, 2023 – Amusivent, the tent builder and total organizer of events, moved into the new buildings in the Langendam in Evergem last week. A new step in the growth of the young company.

The birth of Amusivent

Amusivent was started in 2016 by two driven entrepreneurs: Tom Van der Vennet and Kenneth Viellard. The name Amusivent - a combination ...

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Evergem's event company wants to keep the positivity in it and makes free radio for seniors
6 April 2020

The Evergem company Amusivent specializes in the total organization of parties and events. Badly hit economically by the Corona crisis, they do not want to lose courage and they start working creatively for others. With their project Radio Rust Roest they travel with a mobile radio studio to all residential care centers in Evergem. “Everyone is affected, and we can ...

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