What will be the Best Event Venue or Business of 2021?

What will be the Best Event Venue or Business of 2021?

To go ahead with the 2021 edition of the Certificate of Excellence or not? We doubted. But now more than ever it is important to show that your event venue or company is ready for a kickstart.

"The event sector is locked" you have read in the media for over a year now. The harsh reality of the corona crisis cannot be denied, but there are also countless event companies that think along with their customers out of the box and come up with creative solutions, such as hosting events, teambuildings, ... online. We also see event companies reinventing themselves, helping out in other sectors and setting up positive initiatives.

Together with our partners, we are taking advantage of the 2021 edition to emphasize that it is time to organize events again!

This is how the event planner.xx Certificate of Excellence works

If you are not yet familiar with the Certificate of Excellence, we will briefly explain it. Every year we reward the most valued event companies with an official 'Certificate of Excellence' based on our unique and secure review system. All event companies and venues on our website, which are now more than 10,000, are eligible for the certificate.

But I haven't had any events this year ...

Of course we understand that you have been able to facilitate few or no events this year. You probably have customers from previous years who want to please you with a nice review. As long as the reviews are authentic, they can also be about events that you have performed in the past.

What are the benefits for event companies? And how do I get that certificate on my wall?

What are the benefits for you as an event company? Attention! A lot of attention and trust! And as you know, attention leads to extra leads, which are very welcome, especially in the post-corona era. So it is not only a reward for your hard work, it is above all an additional reason why organizers should choose you as a supplier in the future.

To receive the certificate, you must get at least 10 reviews (of which at least 5 in the past 12 months) on your company page by the end of September. Your customers therefore determine who deserves such a certificate. If your average score is also more than 90%, you can hang this coveted certificate on your 'trophy wall'. You can read the conditions again here .

In this way you as a client support your event suppliers

As a client, it is now more important than ever to support your event suppliers for their hard work. You give them that firm push by writing a promotional review. You also receive a reward for this yourself: 50 points per review and with 1,000 points you get a free event planner.xx .PRO membership for a year.