Français, Deutsch, or Español? We will Give your Event Company Greater Reach!

Français, Deutsch, or Español? We will Give your Event Company Greater Reach!

Big news! In the first half of 2021, we will make available in new countries. New markets offer new opportunities, new languages, and new reach. And in these challenging times, you can grab these opportunities.

A few years ago, we launched, our English-language platform. Now, we are focusing further on Germany, Spain, and France, with our expansion.

What's in it for you?

We are ready to share the technology that we developed with the world! This immediately entails many changes and, more importantly, opportunities.

In this first phase, we have merged your English and Dutch business pages into one business page. If you advertised on both platforms with a paid listing, you win because our local site costs will be eliminated. If you only advertise on our .net site and had a free version running on our local sites, you will now get a premium listing on all sites. More reach for less!

Technologically, this is a significant step forward! We automatically translate the texts on your business page via advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to all available languages on our platform. In one step, you can communicate in the language of your prospects. The first phase is already functional in English and Dutch. Soon, during stage 3 of this project, French, German, and Spanish will also be added.

We will also publish all your posts and reviews on all our sites hereon. This also means more reach for you. Posts and reviews are automatically translated into all available languages. With reviews, the user can always view the original version in addition to the translation.

Next steps

After this first phase, there will be two more ambitious phases aimed to conquer the world. Literally! In the coming weeks and months, we will be working on Phase 2, preparing our content to shine in German, Spanish, and French-speaking regions. Phase three, the effective launch in new countries, is planned for the first half of 2021.

"Technologically, we are taking another giant step forward with, and we are quite proud of that," says Kevin Van der Straeten, Founder of "By constantly reinventing ourselves and investing in the event industry – even in difficult times – we are convinced that we can give the event businesses and venues on our platform more opportunities in the restart of our industry. And that's what we do it for!"

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