Escape Rooms are the New Hype in Team Building

Escape Rooms are the New Hype in Team Building

Forget about laser tag, bowling and theme parks. Do you want to test your team in a more innovative way? Then try an escape room. Nothing is as thrilling as working together with your team mates under time-pressure, trying to escape from a locked room.


Escape rooms are hot. And rightfully so, because working against the clock to solve puzzles and to escape in time is a unique and exciting experience. The escape rooms draw inspiration from the real-life game trend that has been growing for the past few years: re-enacting computer games, but then in a lifelike setting.   



Meanwhile, a new concept of escape room has become very popular: prison break. The game is a combination of escape room with a kind of Fort Boyard: puzzles, combined with physical tests. The gaming concept is originally from Sweden, but becomes ever more popular in other countries as well.   



That popularity can easily be explained in the context of another trend: the 'sportification' of society. These games are a good alternative for young people, who spend less and less time exercising, but yet game for many hours behind the computer. They like to re-enact their favourite computer games 'in real life'. This even turns out to be quite intensive. Studies have shown that an adventurous escape room is just as physically demanding as a game of football.   


Team building

You also have to be socio-emotionally strong. You need your team mates to solve the puzzles and successfully finish the physical tests. Therefore, you need to be able to work together in a team properly. If you don't, you won't make it. That makes these games a great team building activity.


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