How to Get People Excited Before Your Event

How to Get People Excited Before Your Event

Anticipation can be much more powerful and fulfilling than an experience itself. According to author James Clear, "Dopamine is released not only when you experience pleasure, but also when you anticipate it." He goes on to suggest, "It is the anticipation of a reward—not the fulfilment of it—that gets us to take action. Interestingly, the reward system that is activated in the brain when you receive a reward is the same system that is activated when you anticipate a reward." 

This simple fact is enough to start thinking about how to get people energized before your event. This will help you boost your future attendees’ dopamine level and also prepare them for the event itself. 

Think about the last big vacation you took. You probably experienced a feeling of excitement and anticipation leading up to the days before the trip. The same thing happens when people are excited to attend an event—your event. Use that to your advantage and get your guests even more eager for your event with these tips. 

Tip 1. Release behind-the-scenes videos

If you think planning an event is boring and nobody will care about it, think again. Creating relevant content is an excellent way to get people pumped up before the event, and what can be better than showing ...

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