3 Good Reasons to Post Reviews

3 Good Reasons to Post Reviews

Are you a satisfied customer of an event agency, caterer, event venye, ...? Let us know via a review on eventplanner.net


Will you take a moment to thank the heroes of your event? We give you three good reasons to post a review:



1. You help other event organizers

Thanks to your review, other event organizers will get a better picture of the supplier.



2. You are doing your event supplier a great favor

You explicitly thank your event supplier and recommend them to others. With your review you also help your supplier to compete for a 'Certificate of Excellence', the award for the most appreciated event companies.



3. You get a free .PRO membership

For every review you post, you get 50 points. If you have collected 1,000 points, you will receive the eventplanner.PRO membership completely free for a year. By the way, you don't only get points for reviews, discover how you can collect points. Even if you are already .PRO, you can participate. Then your subscription will simply be extended by one year for free.



This is how you proceed:


Do you work for an event venue or company? Get the 'Certificate of Excellence' with our reviews.


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