How to Choose the Best Event Suppliers Post Covid

How to Choose the Best Event Suppliers Post Covid

Organizing online events is fun and exciting, but it's great to be able to organize 'live events' again. We give you tips to select the best event venues and suppliers for your post-corona events.

Imagine having to sit through all-day online event. Let’s be honest: Who’s going to want to stay online for so long, regardless of the value your event is providing? And if that wasn’t enough to worry about, we’ve started to encounter a new phenomenon known as “Zoom fatigue.” This TED article describes it perfectly: “People feel like they have to make more emotional effort to appear interested, and in the absence of many non-verbal cues, the intense focus on words and sustained eye contact is exhausting.” 

In-person interactions, on the other hand, are crucial to building and maintaining a rapport, through the communication of attitudes and feelings. An online event is then a stopgap solution or supplement, but does not replace a 'live event'. That’s why you’ll want to spend some time thinking about how you’ll hit the floor running now the events industry recovers from the pandemic. Let’s see the main steps to take when choosing suppliers for your next physical event: 

Step 1. List the suppliers you need and the qualities you’re searching for in those suppliers

Before looking for suppliers, you need to know what you’re searching for. Will you need an event agency to help you design engaging experiences for your attendees? Do you need help with catering? Do you need someone to assist you with decorating the venue? 

To find the best event suppliers to collaborate with, you’ll want to first create an event timeline and planning logistics draft. It’ll help you figure out what exactly needs to be covered and what tasks suppliers can help you with. Also, think beyond just listing the main providers you need—think about the qualities you’re searching for in a supplier. For example, you may want to find event suppliers in a very specific area. Sort these things out before moving to the next step. 

Step 2. Leverage your network for supplier recommendation

If you’re in the events industry, chances are you’re surrounded by like-minded professionals who are experiencing the same challenges you are. So look through your contact list or LinkedIn contacts to find people who are running similar events and ask them if they can recommend any vendors. Since they’ve been working with different event suppliers, they may have a better idea of which providers can help you deliver quality. 

Step 3. Check out the suppliers we have listed on

Would you rent an Airbnb place without checking the reviews first? Would you trust a new software platform without reading the comments people leave on TrustPilot or Capterra? Chances are you’ll want first to see what your options are and what other people are saying about their experiences with a specific brand or person before you use it. Well, the same is true for event suppliers. At the end of the day, your events will depend on these people, so you’ll want to choose the best options out there. 

That’s why we at have worked relentlessly to build a space where you can find different event suppliers, check their ratings, and read customer reviews. Our catalog lists over 14,000 event suppliers and event venues and is growing every day. Simply enter what you’re searching for into our search field—such as event catering, tent rentals, event agencies, etc.—and you’ll get a list of potential companies you can work with to plan your next event. 

Step 4. Evaluate how autonomous the event suppliers can be

One important thing that sets great event providers apart from other event providers is their ability to come up with solutions by themselves without waiting for your directions. Great event providers are creative and resourceful, meaning you don’t have to be the one telling them what to do. So that’s an aspect you’ll want to evaluate when searching for suppliers. 

The best way to do that is present them with a planning challenge you’re having and ask them how they would solve it. Or you can ask them their approach regarding unexpected tech issues during a keynote speech. Their responses will give you a better understanding of the company’s work approach and their ability to be independent while coming up with actionable solutions to your planning problems. 

Quick recap

Choosing the best event suppliers in the COVID-19 era doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. You just need to be aware of the requirements you have and the event logistics you want to cover. Use your professional network to find supplier recommendations, and check out each supplier’s reviews and ratings, or check out our directory of event suppliers and read their descriptions, reviews, and ratings. Finally, when interacting with potential event providers, prepare a list of questions or potential challenges. When you meet with these suppliers, ask them these questions and evaluate how innovative, autonomous, or resourceful they can be. Subsequently, evaluate the information you’ve collected and work with the event providers that best suit your needs.


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