Yes it's real! Book SCALA now

Yes it's real! Book SCALA now

"The most beautiful coronaproof theater in the Netherlands opens its doors again. Are you also ready to really look your colleagues or customers in the eye again and meet them live?"

"Then we offer SCALA the safest and most unique way to do that. After all, there is nothing better than seeing and speaking to each other in real life. It will be a party coming all together again. And one you just don't want to let you pass by!", says Jannemarije Spruitenburg of Jaarbeurs .

So: contact Jaarbeurs and book SCALA for all your corporate corporate events, conferences and drinks.

"Note: SCALA is a temporary construction in the Event & Exhibition Centre, so booking is still possible until July 19. Bookings are already starting to come in, so get in quick."


SCALA is the ideal setting for corporate events, conferences and cultural performances. Everyone sits close to the stage, so that everything shown and presented has an impact. Jaarbeurs provides a good basic set-up where customisation with the partner team is possible.

The Event & Exhibition Center has a temporary construction for all your live meetings. In SCALA, a maximum of 650 people can come together corona-proof (for people from one household, this concerns 1,050 people).

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