How to Get Your Attendees to Interact More (and Better)

How to Get Your Attendees to Interact More (and Better)

What makes events truly valuable and impactful? Maybe it’s the content of the presentations, or the unique experiences?


The truth is that, against all odds, events are more and more relevant, even in the digital era. How can this be, considering that things such as communication, networking, and knowledge sharing have become a commodity?


The answer is simple: Nothing can replace the human element events convey, no matter how much time people spend on social media or how many emails they write daily. There’s nothing more authentic and transformative than having an in-person experience and sharing it with like-minded people. That’s why attendee engagement is so crucial.


People want something that will take them out of their offices, keep their eyes off their electronics, and help them connect more genuinely with other professionals. These higher levels of engagement and interaction subsequently lead to industry-shifting collaborations and projects that continue outside the event.


However, the paradox is that it gets harder and harder to surprise your attendees and get them on board with new engagement or interaction methods. To help you come up with something new for your event, we’ve put together a list of recommendations on how to improve the interaction experience for your attendees:




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