Will 'talent drain' be the new crisis in the event industry?

Will 'talent drain' be the new crisis in the event industry?

During the corona crisis, many people from the event sector were forced to look for another job, often with better hours and sometimes even better paid. Will this 'talent drain' be the new crisis in the event industry?

As our industry picks up again, countless event companies are experiencing an acute shortage of personnel, both in the organization and in the operations. At the same time, we see that companies that have vacancies for our sector find it difficult to fill them.

The autumn wave and the sometimes clumsy approach of the governments with changing measures and a limited perspective do not make our sector very attractive for the time being. Even people with a heart for events are already hesitating to return. Fortunately, the public is now waiting for events and 'live'. If the high season starts again in the spring, the shortages in the event sector will increase further if nothing changes.

In the longer term, people with a passion for the event profession will undoubtedly find their way back, there is no better industry than ours, right? ;-) But in the coming year we have to be realistic and take into account the difficult-to-fill vacancies. Recruit more diversely (which offers advantages anyway) or train motivated applicants yourself. In the meantime, new ways of recruiting have come over from the US, such as 'open hiring' or job without application. The principle of open recruitment: anyone interested in a vacancy puts their name on a waiting list. If you're on top, you'll get the job. These can all be options for getting vacancies filled.

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