Are you Getting Married? How to Avoid these Wedding Scams

Are you Getting Married? How to Avoid these Wedding Scams

Pay attention, wedding horror stories really do exist: from fake dresses to stolen gifts, here are four common wedding frauds and tips for avoiding them during the most beautiful day of your life.

A well-known proverb says: a prepared man or woman who is going to marry is worth two. And that's certainly true now that a big wave of previously postponed weddings is on the way that are expected to take place in 2022.

Fake sellers

This scam collects a deposit or advance payment, but the services are never provided. Unfortunately, this happens at all kinds of wedding services, from florists to photographers and caterers.

You can easily avoid this by checking recommendations before hiring someone. There is no better place to do this than at We use a unique and safe review system. Intelligent algorithms and manual checks guarantee authentic reviews. Are you in doubt? Just ask if you can get in touch with one of the customers.

Counterfeit wedding dresses

You order a designer dress with a big discount in a very chic online store, but the dress you receive is from another designer, counterfeit or is in bad condition. Bummer!

How to Avoid: A budget-friendly option is to buy a second-hand wedding dress, but again you need to be vigilant about where you shop when buying online. Before completing a sale, see what customers are saying about the retailer. You can do that quality check yourself if you buy a pre-loved piece in a physical store. If you want to save money on a dress, you can also wait out the sales and designer days at local bridal shops. That way you support a local company at the same time.

Another tip: pay with a credit card if possible so you can file a dispute with your credit card company if something goes wrong.

Fake engagement rings

Your purchased ring turns out to have a fake diamond, or a stone that wasn't as valuable as advertised.

How can you avoid this? Contact a reputable jeweler. You can also have the gems appraised before buying them. Jewelers can request a professional appraisal from a third party: some charge a small fee for this service. If you are having a diamond appraised, check that the weight is the same as advertised by the seller.


Gift theft

Uninvited visitors steal your dearest wedding gifts. It happens so be prepared. Keep your gifts in a safe location, such as a hotel room, or even in a locked box or safe. Do you have a wedding list? Request that all gifts purchased through your list be shipped directly to your home.

Source: The New York Times


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