Floating Event Venue 'Kartel' Sinks in Belgrade

Floating Event Venue 'Kartel' Sinks in Belgrade

In an alarming incident in Belgrade, the floating event venue 'Kartel' sank on Saturday evening following a brawl. The incident, which saw dozens of event-goers fall into the water, began after security asked several visitors to leave the overcrowded venue.

Refusing to comply, the conflict escalated to the bridge connecting the venue to the mainland, resulting in its collapse and the sinking of the pontoon.

Rapid Escalation and Response

As the bridge gave way, many attendees were plunged into the water, leading to a chaotic but swift evacuation. Remarkably, despite the potential for severe casualties, there were no deaths or injuries reported, a testament to the quick response of the emergency services.

Implications for Event Safety

This event underscores the critical importance of safety protocols and capacity limits, especially in unique venues like floating platforms. It highlights the need for thorough risk assessments and effective emergency procedures.


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