9 Advantages of Using Slack to Organise Your Event

9 Advantages of Using Slack to Organise Your Event

Have you already been acquainted with Slack? This messaging app for companies is a very easy way to share information. It is also the perfect tool for event planners. Cooperating and communicating with your event team: Slack makes it as easy as pie.  


Slack is more than just a messaging app. It can also be used to manage complex projects, such as events. All of this is done in an easy, transparent and user-friendly way. Slack works using 'channels'. These are user groups. You open these, for instance for the employees of your project team, or you keep it closed. Then the group will only be accessible to specific members of your team. For example when you wish to share sensitive information with only a few team members. You use the channels to send your communication or just 1-1. But Slack has more up its sleeve. We give you 9 advantages.  


1. Sharing photos

Anyone can use Slack to very easily share photos and videos of your event. You just drag and drop your images and footage into the app and all group members can view, share and download them. The images are only visible to members of the Slack group. It is also a very practical way to share inspiration.  


2. Discussing and appointing tasks

The chat functionality makes it very easy to discuss tasks with your team members and assign them to your employees. That way you won't forget anything and you also help team members remember what their tasks are. This works much faster and more direct than email.  


3. Sharing agendas

Slack integrates with Google Agenda. You use the agenda to share the daily schedule, you compile the time-table, you invite your project team for a meeting...  


4. Working together on documents

You can share all documents on your Google Drive using Slack. Your team members can modify and update the documents. And you can have a live discussion about it immediately.  


5. Sending reminders

Slack sends you reminders for things you should not forget. This is very practical for when you are running from one chore to the other and almost lose your mind.  


6. Managing transportation

Going to work together, going to the event together. Carpooling, sharing your colleagues' company during your train ride... With Slack you can make a channel for transportation. That way your team members can make appointments to travel together to work and to the event. More fun and more eco-friendly!  


7. Tracking Hashtags

Slack also integrates with Facebook and Instagram and tracks hashtags. All photos that have been tagged with the hashtag of your event are all conveniently in one place.  


8. Last-minute emergencies

If you are faced with a last-minute emergency, you can use Slack to send an SOS with a short description of your problem. There's a big chance that there will be team members who can immediately help you out and solve your problem.  


9. Communication dispatches

All Slack users in your channel can use it to communicate directly with each other, so you will no longer be the go-to-guy/girl whom everyone will bother with the same question over and over again.  


Also good to know: the eventplanner.be team also likes to use Slack. And the cooperation and communication is running smoothly.   


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