4 Tips on How to Always Stay Up To Date in the Event Industry

4 Tips on How to Always Stay Up To Date in the Event Industry

The event industry is constantly changing and at a very rapid pace. New trends and technologies follow each other up at lightning speed. Staying up to date constantly is a must for every ambitious event professional. What's the best way to handle this? We give you 4 tips.


The time when one only learned things in a classroom has long since passed. E-learning, network learning, learning on the job,… Those who want it and who have an eye for it can learn something anywhere. With these 4 tips, you will always stay up to date.


1. Challenge yourself

Don't just throw in the towel. Even when you're tired after a stressful workday, try to make room to learn something new. You will soon notice that it will give you new energy. Grab an interesting book, - Events² for instance ;-) - or subscribe to a training.


2. Make use of free educational tools

Thanks to the internet, we possess an endless supply of free educational tools: online courses, blogs, podcasts, tutorials, ... If you always want to keep learning, surfing on the worldwide web is the key. And try to follow eventplanner.tv: there, experts share their knowledge on a certain part of the event industry in weekly TV broadcasts.


3. Try to look at what's on the other side

In order to learn something new about events, you should not limit yourself to information about the event industry. Quite the contrary: looking at other industries can give you tons of inspiration. You can often apply ideas or concepts from another domain in your profession as well. The only thing you need is a large dose of creativity, an open mind and the capacity to establish links.


4. Go for your ambition

Don't limit yourself to professional knowledge If you have the ambition to become an entrepreneur, director or manager, you had best go to a corporate management course. If you wish to organise events abroad... Don't you think a language course would be a good idea? Whatever you choose: learning something new is never a bad thing. If it doesn't pay off immediately, it will certainly contribute to your personal development and keep you motivated and fresh.


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