Growth Hacking Guide for Event Venues and Suppliers

Growth Hacking Guide for Event Venues and Suppliers

Growth hacking is the smart use of media and innovative technology to grow your business in the most efficient and effective way. As a marketer at an event venue or supplier, this new white paper immediately brings you up to speed.

The idea of 'growth hacking' originated with internet start-ups that want to grow quickly with little or no marketing budget. They convince users with smart hacks that often cost nothing. They do this by looking at their business from a different perspective and by using smart technology. Well-known companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb, Evernote, Hotmail, ... have all grown up with it. Of course they all have a fantastic product, but they all needed that extra spark to grow quickly and continue to grow.

To give you an idea of what they did:

  • Twitter may have had a lot of press attention in the early years, but users quickly dropped out. Until they found that users with 5-10 followers are more likely to become long-term users. Since then, when you create an account, Twitter automatically suggests profiles to follow. And they continue to do so.
  • Airbnb quickly gained thousands of users because they themselves searched Craigslist for people who offered rooms for rent through classifieds.
  • LinkedIn was the first platform to make users' profiles public so that they rank high in the search results of search engines like Google.
  • YouTube shows an embed code after every video that is viewed with which videos can also be placed on other sites. It's that simple hack that made them the biggest video site in no time.
  • In the early years, Hotmail placed the text 'PS - I love you' under every email with a link back to Hotmail. We don't have to draw a picture that this has resulted in a lot of clicks and new users. Even today, Apple uses a similar hack with their "Sent from my iPhone" that tells everyone you have one of their phones.
  • Dropbox increased signups by 60% through a clever "recommend us" campaign that gave users an additional 500MB of storage for every friend they refer.
  • ...

You'll get the point. You can also use the same hacks to grow your event, event location or event company. You don't even need an extra budget for it, just some creativity.

Growth Hacking Guide

To help you as an advertiser, we've created a new edition of our Growth Hacking Guide with smart hacks to get more out of your marketing. And that with the possibilities that are simply part of your presence on, without extra costs! Now that the event industry is climbing out of the valley after the corona crisis, these are very valuable tips.

In the whitepaper we tell you, as an event venue, caterer, DJ, rental company, ... how to:

Do you want it too?

As an advertiser, you can download the new Growth Hacking Guide right away from your dashboard (at the bottom of the page). Prefer to receive the Growth Hacking Guide by post? Mail us at and we'll send the printed version your way (exclusively for our advertisers).

Happy Growth Hacking with!


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