Keep Your Event Healthy

Keep Your Event Healthy

We make more and more efforts to live healthy. How do we manifest that lifestyle in the events we organise? Because a healthy offering also affects the experience of our customers and attendees. And they appreciate that.


Keeping your event healthy is mainly a matter of making decisions. If you as an organiser or supplier have an eye for the health of your customers in your offering, you will automatically select healthy alternatives. Where can you make the difference?


You should select healthy catering

Most caterers nowadays have healthy alternatives in their offering. For instance, you are able to choose creative and healthy snacks. Instead of the classic coffee and cake, you can serve a healthy smoothie and fruit snacks. For lunches and dinners, it is preferable to select the lighter meals. Is your caterer cooking with organic ingredients? Is he using superfoods? Is he providing alcohol-free options besides the beer and the wine? You have what it takes to offer your attendees a healthy bite and drink.


Incorporate exercise 

There's nothing quite like a solid dose of exercise to give your brains a little oxygen. If you are organising a congress, you should also provide some exercise. You can do this in separate workshops or in small sessions in between, for instance during a change of speakers. You should try to keep it easy and not too tough. No one likes to sweat profusely during the rest of the day. So what about a short yoga session, tips for a better body posture, breathing exercises... And why not: a massage workshop? Or take your attendees out on a stroll outside. A great way to immediately refresh their mind. This way, they remain more alert during the presentations, sessions and workshops.


Healthy locations

If you are looking for a location for a healthy event, you should include outdoor and exercise options in your checklist. Is it easy to pop out for a minute? Is there a terrace or a garden? Is there a wellness nearby? Or are there sports facilities? You should integrate the possibility to use this into the programme of your event. Or take it even further and choose an outdoor location. But know that that option always comes with a risk in our climate...


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