Start-up Inkpact Sends Hand-Written Messages

Start-up Inkpact Sends Hand-Written Messages

Talk about hybrid solutions. Here's one for you: an app - meaning technology - which sends hand-written, personalised messages to customers.


Sounds strange. But it's true. This app sends your customers hand-written letters, in a hand-written envelope. An unique way to stand out in these digital times of emails, chats, posts and tweets.


And that's exactly Inkpact's aim: to make your message stand out. To achieve this, they brought together a whole network of writers. Students, pensioners, creative freelancers, former homeless people and ex-prisoners. All of these people hand-write a unique message for your customers. You upload your customer base and your message onto the app, and a human hand performs the assignment.


That way, Inkpact creates a win-win model. The more assignments Inkpact gets, the more people they can hire. In 2020 they want to have contracted 100,000 writing staff in the United Kingdom.

And what do you gain from this? With these hand-written actions, Inkpact promises to considerably increase your response rate. The talk about an open rate of 96 to 99%, an increase of your converse rate of 60% and an increase from 33% to 44% for conversion of prospects to customers. They claim that the ROI of your action is about  5 to 7 times higher.


In this series 'Start-up' we discover start-ups with an innovative offering which is useful for the events industry.

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