Understanding the Importance of Delegate Management

Understanding the Importance of Delegate Management

Correctly handing delegates experience is crucial to the success of an event. Handling vast amounts of delegate information can be both time consuming and difficult for event organisers. Thankfully, a solution exists.


This solution is delegate management software. The emergence of delegate management software not only provides an effective platform for event managers to greater understand and work with the information of the delegates of their event, but it provides a platform for increased communication with delegates.


Delegate Management Software acts as comprehensive toolkit for events for any size and with the right online event management solution you can create bespoke websites to handle an event from start to finish. Areas such as planning, marketing and registering to post-event analysis reporting and event data management can all be enhanced by the use of a delegate management system. Due to the amount of time saved and the efficiency, these types of software are proving to become an essential part of the event planning process and are becoming very popular with Event Managers.


Some delegate management systems offer the option to create applications for events also. Once delegates have registered, you have the option to download an app which hosts vital information and makes it easier for delegates to access information such as the agenda and speakers for the day. The system makes it easy to track information through the app and you can receive push notifications such as invites and updates throughout the event.


"The software helps you create branded websites to detailed registration forms. From building delegate agendas to managing online payments. From badges and barcode scanning to in depth analysis on attendance and revenue. If it’s important for my event, I know Events Force will help me manage it", Clare Timmins - Senior Event Manager.



Top Ten Reasons Event Planners like a Delegate System

  • All data for the event is saved in one place
  • System breaks the data into reports that the Event planner and client can draw from to evaluate
  • Return of Investment which helps to predict for future events
  • You can send news and updates to attending delegates before and up to the minute ensuring everyone has all up to the date info
  • To Easily Schedule new events with event templates and presets automatically pre-populate information making scheduling events that re-run on multiple dates and locations easy.
  • You can also import your events from a spreadsheet to schedule multiple events in one action
  • Check availability by viewing a presenter or a group of presenter’s availability and find a suitable venue which is also available so the system can work as a venue finder for the Event organizer.
  • Manages Waiting lists instead of event planner having to. If the event is full the delegate can add their name to the waiting list and is a space becomes available, they are automatically alerted by the system.
  • Feedback surveys. Automatically sends feedback surveys after an event to evaluate its success. Especially useful if you have a series of conferences taking place throughout the year and you want to draw information like how many people attended what proved popular what was not so popular etc.
  • The tracking abilities of event software can allow you to maintain a constant eye on any element to the event including suppliers, speakers, numbered badges, to the overall coordination involved in creating an event whatever its size.


Top 10 reasons why clients like a delegate System

  • Manages all event communication for you. It sends out event instructions, reminders and change notifications. You can customize each email and add attachments such as pre-reading. All communication includes calendar appointments so people can add and update their Outlook or Gmail calendar automatically
  • Clients can automate their businesses. This allows the software to seamlessly integrate their learning practices into the website that is created quicker and easier than ever before
  • Delegate information is stored on the software so registration is made straight forward especially if you are checking in to a stream of conferences or events
  • Website integration which gives the client a more professional look for the event
  • Once registered you have the option to download an app set up for the specifics of the event/conference and it informs you of everything from what time lunch is to which lecturers will be attending. The system makes it easy to track information through the app and you can receive e invites, communications and receive updates on and about your day
  • The client can draw specific results from past events using the software. When the data has been analysed they can develop more articulate ideas about their next events/ conferences and come up with specific corporate event ideas tailored to the delegates interests and skills
  • Internal website offers information to all attendees without having to send out individual emails saving the client from spending excess time on admin
  • Takes the work load away from the client as the system does everything for them ensuring the client a more relaxed experience
  • Onus on attendees to input the data themselves on the specifically formulated website eradicating errors such as specific booking orders or requirements
  • It offers a modern day of working showing up to the date technology that a lot of clients working in full on demanding jobs have become accustom to.


The Top 10 Reasons Why Clients Love Delegate Management Systems

  • Flexible to budget
  • Ability to create numerous events at the same time
  • Improves registrations and payments
  • Time Saving and speeds up processes
  • Branded websites
  • Works for both small and large events
  • Effective post event reporting
  • Powerful tool in marketing and promotion
  • Improved data collection
  • Prevents unnecessary administration errors



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