How to Create the WOW Factor at Your Next Event

How to Create the WOW Factor at Your Next Event

How do you approach events? We won’t judge you, so answer sincerely. Do you focus on logistics, leaving the creative part for the last minute? Or do you think through your attendees’ journey, taking great care of the elements?


Contrary to general beliefs, planning and managing an event is just half the job. The other half refers to designing the guest experience. Usually, this involves a lot of imagination, innovation, and creativity.


Obviously, the logistics are important, since it’s the structural skeleton of any event. However, this isn’t enough to actually connect with your attendees or get them to remember you. The wow factor is needed.


As event professional Kevin Van der Straeten explains, "In order to really get through to your audience, you need to provide them with a genuine experience, an experience that will linger long in their memory. If you are able to engage people’s emotions in this manner, you will be better able to build up long-term, sustainable relations and they will be quicker to pick up and accept your message. The art of creating this kind of experience consists in the development of a total concept with a high WOW!-factor."


You can achieve this by stepping out of your role of an event manager and embracing your creative ...

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