How to Use Event Technology in 2019

How to Use Event Technology in 2019

Event technology is evolving fast. From online registering to ticketing, we end up using personalized event mobile apps, data-rich dashboards, and customized chatbots to improve the attendee experience.


More and more corporations, planning agencies, and institutions have migrated from the manual management of the event to automated systems. In this day and age, it’s almost inconceivable to run the event registration using Google Docs or Excel spreadsheets. There are always multiple solutions to different logistic challenges.


However, because of the suprasaturation of event technology, we can’t always discern between a must-have and nice-to-have. 

  • Do you have to use a blockchain-powered platform to sell your event tickets?
  • Do you need to use face recognition instead of the “old” badge QR codes for your guests to check in?
  • Do you have to create augmented or virtual reality experiences for your guests, instead of traditional sightseeing or guided tours?

These and other dilemmas will become more prominent with the continuous innovation and development of event technology. So how do you know what platform, app, or software is the best option for your event?


To answer this question, we’re inviting you to have a look at these series of event tech features that you’ll want to consider in 2019 (and further):



Choose seamless and invisible digital solutions

Your event technology shouldn’t be in the way of your attendees’ experience. On the contrary, it should seamlessly integrate into the event design.


For example, your check-in application should help your guests access the venue with a simple gesture (such as swapping the QR code).


On the other hand, your event mobile app shouldn’t grab too much of their attention, either. After all, you want attendees to focus on the event, not on their phones, right?



Think about event tech as the event strategy enabler

Although it’s a must-have, if you want to save time and money, your event technology should help you power up your event strategy. If you want to segment your attendees so that you can run different email campaigns or offer different programs, your event platform should help you do that.


Or if you want to make sure your event offers truly worthwhile networking opportunities, your event tool should be able to do it.


Event technology can do much more these days than just help you with the event’s logistics—it can transform your event’s vision into reality and help you deliver the expected results.



Go for a shallow learning curve and effortless setup

When adopting a new technology, there’s always a learning curve. First you have to learn how it works, then you need to figure out how to adapt it to your needs.


Good event technology companies will always try to decrease the amount of time you need to understand how their platform works so that you can set up your event in no time.



Don't forget that event technology should reduce stress, not increase it

If you’re spending more time on managing an event via a platform than on planning an event manually, then you’re using a terrible or outdated system or platform.


Event technology in 2019 should decrease your stress levels by offering easy and immediate solutions. Automatization, at its best, will usually help you find a much faster and stress-free way to solve an old and annoying problem that previously caused you lots of anxiety.



Use event technology to solve current issues and challenges

You shouldn’t use event technology just because it’s fancy or others are using it. Gather your event team and write down all the challenges you need to overcome in order to plan a successful (by your terms) event.


Knowing exactly what logistic-related problems you have will help you choose the best event technology partner who has the right solutions for you.



Final thoughts

The best event tech startups and companies are no longer focusing just on simply providing you with a digital solution to some logistic problems. Obviously, they’re continuing to develop highly competitive products and services. However, they are also working on empowering you to make your event strategy a reality, customizing their solutions to your needs, and accompanying you through the entire planning process. So make sure you partner up with the right event technology brand.


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