How to Run a Good Event Debrief

How to Run a Good Event Debrief

The fresh post-event insights your team gathers are just as important as your attendees’ feedback. But how do you access this valuable information? What should you do to encourage your event team to share their event experiences, observations, and opinions? One answer: event debriefing. 

The same way you gather your team before an event to delegate responsibilities and review the planning progress, you’ll want to get everyone in the meeting room and discuss the things that worked and what didn’t during the event … discuss, not askyour team to write a structured and dry report nobody will read. 

Debrief meetings will help you get authentic answers, observations, and insights. It’s the best way for your team members to remember important details or brainstorm why certain things didn’t work. Plus, it gets everyone on the same page and will improve their future performance, not to mention improve your events. So how can you run a good debrief? Here are a few recommendations you’ll want to consider. 

Tip 1. Highlight what worked best

Start the debriefing meeting with the things that worked well before and during the event. As a matter of fact, before starting the meeting, ask your team to write down the aspects they liked the most and the things they’re proud of. This starts the conversation on a positive and congratulatory note. To organize the information better, you ...

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