6 Challenges that Will Change the Events Industry

6 Challenges that Will Change the Events Industry

We all talk about event trends, best practices, and benchmarking, yet we spend almost no time on analyzing the risks and challenges the events industry may face in the near future. Considering the fast pace of social, environmental, and technological changes, we’ll be dealing with new scenarios, expectations, and requirements. This will, obviously, lead to the need of reinventing the industry, making sure we’re aligned with the new legal, social, and environmental demands. 

Will we be prepared for it? Is the events industry flexible and adaptable enough? Although we can’t answer these questions yet, we can still focus on foreseeing and understanding the near future challenges we’ll have to overcome. And by overcoming, we’re not implying surviving. 

On the contrary, we see these challenges as a chance to grow, expand, and improve, while generating new opportunities to design remarkable experiences for our attendees and cultivate in-person engagement at the same time. For that, we’ve put together a quick list of challenges we believe may affect the events industry. Here’s what you should be aware of:  


As travel reporter Isaac Carey suggests, “Any large gathering of people, such as a business conference, presents security risks that ...

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