Questions You Should Ask Your Event Technology Partner

Questions You Should Ask Your Event Technology Partner

Not too long ago, we were discussing whether or not you should have an event technology platform. After all, there were things you could do manually. In 2020, however, we’ve moved past this discussion. Not deploying the benefits of an event management platform or an event mobile app can be detrimental to your brand nowadays. Logistic automation and digitization became part of the game, and it got to the point where you couldn’t plan an amazing event without using software. 

What we should discuss, though, is the profile of your event technology partner. After all, there are countless software, platforms, and apps promising you that they’ll do all the heavy lifting by handling the event logistics. But not all of them are a good fit for your event or brand. 

Which one should you choose? Should you focus on the software with the most features? Or maybe you should go with a planning platform that operates exclusively in your country? Picking the right software is definitely not easy. That’s why we designed a quick, question-based framework that will help you choose the best event technology partner. Finding the answers to these questions will give you the necessary information to make the right decision.

Q1. What kind of support do they offer during the planning stage? 

Customer support is a big deal. Knowing that there will be someone assisting you during the event planning, especially ...

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