How to Redefine Your Events Strategy to Withstand a World Crisis

How to Redefine Your Events Strategy to Withstand a World Crisis

We could never have imagined that one day, events would be prohibited and social distancing will become the new norm. But that day did come, and it’s shown us how fragile the events industry is in the face of a world crisis.

Unexpected things occur, some of which may disrupt our events strategy. Whether it’s a world pandemic or an economic crisis, we need to act fast. Resilience and resourcefulness are the only elements that can make an events strategy withstand, especially considering the number of resources and effort that running a simple conference or workshop requires. 

And if there’s one thing this pandemic taught us is, it’s how unprepared we are in face of uncertainty, or the “black swan,” as famous finance professor and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls it. According to Taleb, a black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected and may have severe consequences. 

The question is: Can we prepare in advance for a black swan? Can we design an events strategy that will withstand any world crisis? Seeing the flexibility and immediate response of so many companies, event agencies and suppliers, and event technology brands, we can say: “Yes, we can develop a strong events strategy that may work, even when events are prohibited.” And these tips can show you how you can do it, too:

Tip #1. Don’t focus on in-person events exclusively

The ...

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